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August 11, 2008

ok, this is one thing I do plan and change up every night 🙂 i challenge myself more at these meals and since I’m staying with my parents we eat together which is such a nice change. this also means I have to create something that we will all like and I try to ensure that I can eat  mostly the same thing so it’s good for me too. I have been very proud of myself since coming here, making major strides and trying some things I didn’t think I would be doing for quite some time. I love being able to cook for others and they are actually trying to eat healthier so it’s a good trade off 🙂

Some of what’s been cooking lately :

(this is the cute “banana split” i made for my parents out of watermelon, berries, homemade granola, and vanilla yogurt

Broccoli slaw

1/2c quinoa

4oz chicken

Fresh fruit!

Grill Chicken with lemon and fresh herb marinade

Mashed red potatoes with fresh herbs

Grilled cabbage and carmelized onions

Canteloupe and Watermelon!!

Spaghetti Squash with zucchinni, italian tomatoes, and 4oz roasted chicken

1/2 toasted pita with garlic

papaya and canteloupe

Sloppy Boca Joes, grilled zucchinni and fruit/yogurt parfait

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