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Everything but the kitchen sink…

August 12, 2008

As ritual had it breakfast and am snack were the same so I’ll spare you the picts. I spent the morning finishing up menu planning and the shopping list, as well as fixing up my resume to head out and turn in some applications while my mom and I ran our errands. I knew we’d still be out for lunch so I packed the randomness we had left in the fridge to create my lunch. It ended up being a very random but tasty salad of:

spinach-iron and my favorite leafy green! (ok, well one of the many)

cabbage-because purple is an exciting color to add, but will most likely lead to gas :p

4oz protein from-turkey deli meat, hard boiled egg (fat and protein yolk included) and the bit of left over chicken

italian tomatoes

little under 1/2c garbanzo beans: fiber, protein, carbs, num!

on the side: piece of whole wheat pita for my other grain

bag of summer fruit juiciness!!

i ended up not needing the yogurt b/c the kitchen sink was quite satisfying đŸ™‚

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