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Quick Flash and Party Time!

August 30, 2008

I’m working on a number of things, aren’t we all? And one is being more diligent at this lovely blog which I am more motivated by receiving fun comments yesterday, thank you everyone! My mom’s bday is today so I helped out with their friend’s get together last night, I do love to cook! Tonight is the small family get together and the menu is:

Beer butt chicken on the bbq

A PNW spinach salad of some sorts I have yet to totally put together in my head

Herbed bread of some sort my aunt is bringing so we’ll see…

Raspberry cupcakes which I’m making this morning and are actually cheesecake like despite their title 🙂

Last night they had:

Smoked Salmon mousse with crackers and Stuffed Caprese tomatoes with Basil Vinagrette for appetizers

Roasted asparagus parmegano, Seared Cabernet Filet Mignon, Strawberry Spinach Poppy Seed Salad, and Texas Toast…then having some heavy whipping cream to use up I found an easy Chocolate Mousse recipe which I whipped up and tossed into wine glasses and topped with a few raspberries because they are her favorite!!! They LOVED IT!!!


The weather had a crazy turn of events last week and our 100 degrees turned into 60’s of rain and hail! So! It was time for leftovers and kitchen sink soup! I basically chopped up what veggies we had about go expire as one would say which is rare with rabbit me in the house and equated to zucchinni, carrots, some green beans, celery, edamamme, and then herbed it up with garlic, thyme, salt, pepper, italian, and tossed in a can of tomatoes plus the juice and probably soem lemon juice. When I get going with condiments its a bit like that scene in Ratatouille…a little of this and a little of that. I put in the chicken drumsticks sans skin we were going to bbq and let everything simmer.

The cornbread was an adventure, I really wanted some but wanted to make it a bit more diet friendly aka wholewheat so used pumpkin instead of oil, 1/2 wholewheat flour, and an egg white but other than that basically followed what it said on the back of good ol’ bob red mill…or so i think 🙂 I have to admit I have a bit of Queen of Hearts in me…”my way” but I’m very good at compromising!!!

I took a short run while everything baked and simmered. It was quite homey and tasty, though I was quite worried about the cornbread.

Meatballs!! I tried read meat! My step dad had a hilarious poem I need to get him to tell me again to go with this. They look like turds, which is what the poem references. The recipe is from the Eat Clean cookbook and is great, I just did this with hamburger because its what we had and worked well. My parents had ravioli to go with theirs, I put mine over spaghetti squash adn made homemade sauce out of leftover tomato sauce, a can of tomatoes, and then fresh garlic and italian seasonings, NUM!

Yeah!! It’s warm enough to bbq! I tried the new Boca portabello burger and its quite tasty on my ezekial muffins brought all the way from Seattle! It was great! We also tried grilling some sweet peaches and put them over yogurt. Too meaty tasting from the grill for me but my step dad loved them!

I volunteered at a local foodbank the other day and they blessed me with some fungi! So I sauteed them with some zucchinni (I’m eating a ton of this because it’s super cheap in the summer and I love it and will soon be long gone). Sweet potato on the side for my grain and Dale bbq’d me some tasty and moist chicken that was seasoned with a Seattle blend!



Ok, I’ve already spent too much time on here already and I have to get going on prepping things for today!! Still working on time managment and keeping my coffee cup full so I don’t get cranky 🙂

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  1. Gretchen permalink
    September 1, 2008 3:06 am

    get your skinny bootie here NOW and cook me some of this delicious- beyond -compare fare- it seriously puts Iron Chef, Paul Prodome , Emerill, Julia Child all to SHAME HELL, you make me drool!!!
    orgasm of the mouth?

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