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Chicken Little, the BBQ’s on Fire!

August 31, 2008

Overall, mom said she had a good birthday and the dinner was delicious, but with me things can always get adventurous. My step-dad, who is my usual bbq buddy and always in charge was not home when I needed to start the Beer Butt Chicken so I decided to take charge and fire it up myself…bad idea….I thought I had it going, stuck the chicken on, took a fun pict and went to get all showered up after taking a freezing dip in the lake (time to use radical acceptance that the weather is changing and it’s just getting too cold to swim), look out the window and see smoke billowing out. I run outside, open the bbq and my beautiful bird is going up in flames. I literaly puff it out, complete like blowing out a candle, the flames off its poor little wing bones….My aunt and mom just came out laughing, but my aunt figured out the bbq and it turned out I had saved the chicken in time because we still ended up with a very nice, tasty, and most bird, just with a bit of charred wing 🙂

The rest of the dinner was quite tasty as well. I put together some spinach with dried cherries, candied pecans, and a few of the left over garlic and herb cheese curds tossed with a balsamic vinagrette. Labor day melon sales gave us some tasty fruit, and my aunt brought some nummy parmesean bread sticks, though I toasted an Ezekial pita.

For dessert I made “raspberry cupcakes” which was more like this frozen cheesecake thing because my mom LOVES raspberries. I was still stuffed from dinner but will have a snack later 🙂

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