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“Eggs are for breakfast”…not for me!

September 1, 2008

I miss my farmer’s markets in Seattle overlowing with amazing produce that I would drool over. Nevertheless, I biked over to the little one here  on Saturday and got 2 zucchinni, each about the size of my arms, for $2 so you can’t beat that! I love summer squash, so one was for the Zucchinni Frittata, the other was for me to munch on 🙂

Zucchinni Frittata:

2lbs shredded zucchinni

1 small minced onion

basil, oregano, garlic

3/4 egg substitute (i ended up using roughly 3 eggs and 3 egg whites because we couldn’t find egg substitute, THANK YOU PODUNK LAND!)

1c monty cheese or cheese of choice (i cut this down a bit and just kept it shredded on top) used the monty on my parents half and a laugh cow light wedge on my half.

*to get excess moisture out of zucch, shred it, salt it and let it stand in a colander for about 30mins then press down with spoon…i don’t think i did this long enough as i got impatient and hungry so took out my piece a bit early and there was still alot of liquid, i tend to have this problem with egg dishes.

I had 2 slices of ezekial toast for my grains and some fruit to complete a nummy meal! It was a nice change, though my step-dad still insists on having meat at every meal and can’t get over it so my mother fixed them something completel different. I was informed that “eggs are for breakfast, not dinner.” I’m trying to help them eat healthier and thought that after filet mignon, hamburgers, chicken, and knowing the next night would hold flank steak he’d be up for a brief interlude, but no….that’s ok, everything is a process.

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