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Hmph for Hump, but AH HA!

September 3, 2008

It may be “hump” day but hopefully it will be a turn around day! I started my moning out with the last of my trust soaked irish oats, 1T flax, and cinnamon. Some tasty berries and of course my cottage cheese!! I’ve packed the good ol’ snack of peaches/necatrine and cottage cheese and my lunch because today I’m starting a JOB! YIKES!

It’s at this cute mom and pop joint that is totally podunk Idaho and I really have no clue what I’ll be doing other than prep/grunt work for them, I think it’s basically a soup/sammy cafe place so we’ll see. I put out so many apps yesterday that if it doesn’t work out I have plenty more to follow up on. I have a lot to do after my shift as well and need to get things back on track in all aspects as well as continuing to develop plans A-Z on what to do next so….

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