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Hiding in the Little Yellow House

September 11, 2008

Argh! Life gets the best of me again…I got a job! I’m basically doing grunt work at “The Little Yellow House” so not exactly on my way to culinary greatness, but at least it’s a little income to get me where I need to be going.

In the midst I’ve still managed a few successes and my first major flop :p I guess I’ll start with the flop:

Polenta Lasagna…I made my own polenta and that came out fine..I think it went awry when I used veggie parmesan cheese, it just didn’t smell right, nor did it taste good 😦 So down the drain it went, good thing mom went out that night!

Whenever my fam goes full fledge red meat,  I end up scavaging the fridge for leftovers so this is what I ended up with, my tummy was sort of queasy so it was just right.

3 egg whites, blend of fresh summer veggies made into a soupish substance i guess 🙂 Ezekiel muffin toasted, and fruit with some trader joes greek yogurt to complete some protein grams!

The winner of the week was stuffed chicken with herbed gouda and apples, cooked on the bbq, very tasty! Served it up with roasted cauliflower and a tasty rice blend that my mom has hidden in her cupboard. The rest got a bit cold because Dale refused to put on the chicken but oh well…it was still good!

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