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On Trial

September 13, 2008

Oy, so the fun just never ends I guess! I thought yesterday would be my “friday” but lo and behold one of the other jobs I applied for wants me to come in for a trial run so I will be working all day today. I’m definitely feeling tired and drained both physically and mentally but bite the bullet I guess. I’m not used to not having time to go to the grocery store and whatnot so this morning I was sadly scraping the last of my berries and ended up with mixed fruit, which thus ended up partly on the counter while trying to take the picture, hope this is not scenes of things to come! My fridge is never without my friendly curds though or panic thus ensues, so the usual 1/2c cottage cheese and some soaked 10 grain cereal and flax. I took a pict of the cookie cake bars my niece and I made to sell at the garage sale. Sadly, my parents will be the only ones there though because I now have to work and she has a soccer game, hehe.

Snack is the classic peaches and creamy cottage cheese, complete with glad seal indentation from previous eve packing!

Lunch: Chicken and left over veggie salad..aka roasted zucchinni, tomato, spinach, balsalmic vinegar and lime juice because mom used up all the lemon so we’ll see how that goes over, FRUIT (not pict) and a KASHI waffle with jam.

I’ll have to upload the picts later because I’m running out of time and have to cycle down the road! Thanks to Gliding Calm and Little Girl in the Black Dress for your encouraging comments! Knowing I have comments and readers keep me excited to keep working on this diligently and keep it going and keep me on track as well, thanks guys!

Oh, and these are the chocolate cream cookies my niece and I also made for the garage sale!! Sort of like the oreo cakester!

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