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Asparagus Fries=Rancid Pee…tmi??

September 14, 2008

Hehe…yup I’m blunt and honest! I was so excited to finally find asparagus on sale though I was willing to face the consequences! So the trial day at the deli sucked big time, the manager was a total jerk, I almost made it the entire shift, and finally with my tumbling grumbling like a volcano after working seven hours with no break I said a polite thank you, no thanks this won’t work, and left. All the employess there are absolutely miserable, it runs though the place, and you get paid dittily squat, not where I want to be, I need positivity right now!

I love the new Boca Portabello Mushroom Burgers and think I’ll pick up another box while they are on sale so tossed one on my dwindling pack of crunch Ezekiel English Muffins for dinner, it’s getting hotter again so it was tasty! I paired it with some asparagus “fries” and fruit with a dollop of greek yogurt for sweetness and a little added protein since the burgers only have 12g, still decent though for 90 cals!

No pict of my snack later, I’m always so tired when I go to bed and I got super grumpy but I’ve been mixing Kashi Heart to Heart and the Go Lean together and having it with a cup of half soy and half almond milk, some fruit, and some cottage cheese. I’m in much need of some R&R before the busy week ahead.

In other good news, despite the deli not working out I got offered the job at the awesome coffee and cafe shop and I loved the manager there so I’m very excited about that! The garage sale went well but apparently everyone liked the cookie cake bars much more than the cakesters, sad 😦

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  1. glidingcalm permalink
    September 14, 2008 3:04 pm

    glad you got yourself out of that situation!! that doesn’t sound like a fun place to work at all! especially if everyone else there is miserable!!

    i haven’t tried the boca mushroom burgers, but they sound good!! that meal looks awesome though!! i am missing some asparagus… everywhere I’ve seen it, it’s been a little too expensive for me 😦

    have a great sunday!!

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