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Do You have a case of the Mondays?

September 15, 2008

I hope not, but I love that movie office space! I’m not feeling so great this morning, yesterday was sort of emotional, I’m definitely allergic to podunk land which has made sleeping difficult and I keep waking up with “sinuses” (said like the robin hood snack disney version) 🙂 Nevertheless, poo on negativity, I need a good start to this week!

Breakfast was a refreshing berry treat of frozen black and blueberries with an additional mixin of fresh strawberry and raspberries, so definitely a good dose of red and blue antioxidants. And not to be unpredictable, my usual cottage, hot cereal, and flax 🙂 I didn’t have berries yesterday and I missed them, everyone seems to be getting ready for fall flavors, but I think I could eat summer fruits year round.

AM Snack: Peaches and cottage cheese…this will be a definite all week because we got a huge box of VERY RIPE, near rotting peachs at the produce stand for $5, so there will be an abundance of peaches throughout especially early on in the next few days. I worked it out and think we paid around 30cents a lb, can’t beat that! No wonder they called me “leeches eat peaches” when I was a kid.

Lunch: Goodies of new fun foods from my baking sunday! A mix of asian stir fry veggies with my baked tofu to try! Plus a pumpkin choc muffin and some fruit, I’ll come back and give the review.

I tried out this site which is pretty nifty though somewhat tedious and annoying but has it’s benefits to get my nutrition profile for the muffins I made. This is what came out:

It offers some more nifty charts but this is all that would fit in my screen shot 🙂

Pumpkin Chocolate Flax Muffins: (i got about 10 muffins)

1/2c canned pumpkin

1 egg white or egg white subsitute

3/4c whole wheat pastry flour

1/4c protein powder

1/2 oat bran

2T flax seeds

1/2 lite plain Silk Soy Milk

dash of vanilla

about 1.5tsp of both baking powder and baking soda

about 1tsp salt

~1/3c granulated splenda

3/4 88% cocoa dark choc endangered species bar chopped

I dumped all this in the bowl (minus the chopped chocolate) and mixed it up, add the chocolate last and do it by hand if you’re using a mixer. I will have to give a taste test review today, the batter was good though 🙂 I like it because it has a good balance of protein, fiber, good carbs, healthy fats (flax), and I used high antioxidant dark chocolate! So I would pretty much say this is a guilt free treat! Plus, it’s made out of things a well stocked pantry should have on hand imho…

*these are rough measurements as I’m still in my stubbourn taurus stage of “i’m not going to measure anything”

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  1. September 15, 2008 4:01 pm

    Ahh, hope you feel better soon!!

    Can’t go wrong with pumpkin muffins!! I’ll be posting later on my blog today about a pumpkin goodie 🙂

    Saw your comment on my blog:

    1.) Yes, you may made me to your blog roll, thanks! I added you to mine as well.

    2.) Here’s my FAVORITE way to eat lentils:

  2. September 15, 2008 4:16 pm

    Yep, it’s a lentil-based version of Sloppy Joes – it’s wonderful!! And I think that it would pair quite nicely with the sausage for your meal.

    One thing you will quickly learn about me, if you read my blog – I am NOT judgmental or a “vegan preacher.” I sincerely hope you haven’t gotten the impression that I AM like that??!!?!

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