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RAW Revelations…

May 2, 2009

So all this Raw business has been blooming up on various blogs lately but has actually been a way of eating for quite some time. I have always seen it has too extreme and unbalanced so stayed far away from it. However, my health problems as of late need all the help they can get and after reading actual people’s tried and true testimonials of how much better they feel and how much more energy they have has made me reconsider this whole raw business and check into it a bit more.

So I’ve slowly begun to do some more reading, at first I was like, what? no hot meal again ever?? One author brought up a good point in the fact that she will vacillate between 70%, 80%, 100% raw at times in her life and that’s ok, even 50% is much better! I’m still not sure if I’m totally sold on the fact that you get enough protein but I haven’t completely been able to study too many recipes yet. The style of eating would actually really fit my work schedule right now so that is all well and good. They say that between Midday and 8pm is the digestion cycle and it is best to try and eat most of your calories then. The hours of 8pm-4am is for absorption, and 4am, -midday is for elimination. Thus, opposite to current diet trends, it is better to have a light breakfast, and early, satiating dinner.

My next barrier is this. I have recently moved and literally have NO KITCHEN EQUIPMENT whatsoever. I would so love to pick up my blog again with wonderful raw dishes. I will do honest product reviews!! *hint hint*

Speaking of which, Gena is giving away a spiralizer at:

Off to the sunshine!

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