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New Beginnings

June 10, 2009

After a devastating end to my laptop (don’t start you days at 4am then drive off with your laptop still on the roof of your car) I am finally somewhat back in the technological world. I now have my OWN apartment and truly feel as I’m a new path and a fresh beginning. I have been wanting to try the raw lifestyle for quite some time but my previous place didn’t really allow for it, but now I have more room and the entire kitchen and fridge (for all my fresh foodies) to MYSELF 🙂

So I thought, hey, how about starting this wonderful day with a bit of fibrous goodness! I had tried a sample of some green mix with juice at Wholefoods during the weekend and upon mixing it with my juice this morning it was not the green thing I tried but a poopy brown color. Nevertheless, it was still tasty and got me energized for work. I also mixed up a Green Monster of spinach, blueberries, 1/2 pack of Jay Robb vanilla, almond milk and frozen nanner. These were both transported in recycled jars, cause as Jenna would say, “I’m classy like that.”

I’ve been opening at work which means early mornings, hence the 4am wake-ups, but I enjoy them. I know most of my customers and they know me. I had my green monster after work and then headed out to get more goodies. I made my way around town and ended up with lots of fresh fruits and veggies to put through my new juicer, yeah craigslist. Oh MY GOSH! This thing is amazing!! I put through some celery, beets, apples, and carrots and man was it delicious!!!

Mmmm…that’s the frothy juice!! I also got some bars since I always seem to be on the run, a new dark chocolate for those weak moments, some raw almonds, various veggies, including romaine leaves for wraps, and the fun Amazing Meal shake sampler because I’m not cool enough to get one sent to me and it was on clearance!!! By this time I felt my tummy grumbling and I’m trying to honor my hunger so I promptly tried out a small glass of my juice which was insanely delicious and had the Raw Organic Chocolate Chip bar. I had planned on only having half since I was going to swim, but the it was so good I ended up chomping through the entire thing…this thing was better than a cookie!!!

Er, please don’t mind the dirty dishes drying, I was very excited about juicing 🙂 I had also just rabidly cleaned out my kitchen and placed all the icky food I had gathered in my moments of weakness and stuffed them all into “THE BOX,” which is not packed away for when company comes and wants something more normal, sweeter, or something other than fruits and vegetables.

After all of this, it was definitely time to hit the pool so I quickly changed and swam some laps. Whenever I swim I start making another “to do” list so after I got out I was re-energized and headed off to Target to get a few more things. I finally was able to get the old pawned off TV to at least play my DVD’s!!!! I still don’t get any channels and do miss at least seeing the nightly news and feel a bit out of touch with things but at least now I can indulge in my (shhh don’t tell, Gilmore Girls).

I have actually felt rather hungry all day, but my tummy can only handle so much at a time and I’ve also been reading a lot about food combining so I just need to see how my body handles things, especially because I have so much tummy trouble already. I made a big refreshing salad with lots of different veggies and satisfying latin spice for dinner and a very ripe dose of healthy avacado. I’ll definitely be snacking on something later, just not sure what yet. My ice maker doesn’t work so I’m thinking about walking to the store to get some so I can get in some more activity-I have been sooooo lazy lately.

It’s good to be back and I’ll try to be more diligent!!

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  1. June 10, 2009 10:43 pm

    So glad to see you back!! 😀

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