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Rude Awakening

June 11, 2009

So I was supposed to finally have a day off today and stayed up late last night, but lo and behold, I heard my phone ringing in the dark hours of the morn. Yup, it was my boss saying he forgot to schedule someone to open the store. Doh! I hastily readied myself and even managed to blend up a quick green monster and some blood red juice today (since I used my fresh juice!) but sorry, there was no time for a picture. It was nice to get some extra hours in at work and the morning was fun, but my chores at home I planned to get done went wayside.

It was pretty hot by the time I got off, but I ran some errands and finally went to the mall. I have not been to a mall in ages. All of my money goes to gas, bills, and the essentials. Now that I live right by it though I thought I would at least briefly check it out. It was still even hot in there though, but I did finally treat myself to an oil infuser that was on clearance at my favorite place, The Body Shop! Then, I headed home to soak some cashews while I went to enjoy the sun and swim some laps. One thing I’m learning about a lot of raw dishes is that some do require a lot of prep ahead of time (aka soaking and such) so I need to read up on that. Patience is not my virtue so soaking and lots of chopping could get me into trouble when my tummy rages HUNGRY!!!

After swimming I whipped up some hummus in a jif for wraps and snacks for the week, and then worked on dinner. I tried a new recipe that was supposed to be a good standby, Creamy Kale Apple Soup but I have to say, it was  a bit too green for me, not just in color, but taste as well. That’ s ok, I gave it a shot. The raw crackers were quite tasty with my hummus and it was delightful to try out with my sweet smelling coconut oil burning nearby and the invigorating probiotics of the kombucha that my body much needs right now burning through my body. (Do those make anyone elses tummy burn??)

For dessert I tried out Kristins Raw Holiday Chia Pudding Recipe. It calls for 2 cloves and I just had powdered so I guessed….it was very clovey but still tastey! I know it doesn’t look like much but it really is good!

Ok, so I didn’t make the prettiest food in the world today, but what can you say when you get woken up at 5am and have to rush off to let a bunch of angry uncaffinated customers into a store.  I still have a number of work days ahead of me, but then again, it keeps me out of trouble and helps me pay my bills!

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  1. roseyrebecca permalink
    June 12, 2009 2:03 pm

    Hey! I love your blog! Thanks for the shout out!

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