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What goes in must come out….

June 12, 2009

I wish I could say TGIF but it’s not quite my Friday yet, the fatigue is definitely starting to set in as I’m on day xxxxxxxxx of working, I don’t even want to count, but nevertheless, I’ll be thankful come payday! I set out in the dark this morning with my fresh juice mixed with my superseed to drink after I opened the store. That’s the Cold Press in the background I have to drain every morning, some places have iced coffee but Caribou does cold press and it’s pretty good. Imagine a gigantic French Press of coffee that is specially ground and brewed overnight then chilled…that’s a caffeine boost for ya!

I guess we’re running some Father’s Day promotion so we wore crazy ties today…speaking of which I need to go out and get a card. I also brought along another delicious green monster, they are certainly addicting and satisfying! I tried to get my boss to try it but he was a no go. I happily sipped it up while reading up on some more raw food ideas.

It was a hot afternoon but I tried to stay well hydrated as I ran my errands. I had to come home and do laundry. I had a disaster last week and my entire detergent bottle spilled everywhere, but on some of my clothes, so I just tossed those in rather than using more detergent as they were soaked in it. I hate spending money on that stuff but now I do have to get a new bottle. Before that though I made a new batch of juice, and this is what went in…

And this is what came out…


This is much more delicious!  (The above is actually a 3 musketeers in my freshly cleaned basin :p)mmm, im all about the carrot froth!

While I was juicing I had my second try of Veggie Girls amazing recipe of Caramel Banana Bread baking in the oven that was making my apartment smell divine as well as making my tummy rumble so I snacked on aPure bar and an apple. My first try would not cook all the way through because I had misread the recipe and dumped 2 Tablespoons instead of teaspoons of molasses in so hopefully this one will turn out. People at work have been wanting something scrumptious to munch on since I last brought in a quiche.

There were crazy thunder and lightening storms last night, so indulging in some satisfying laps has become my routine in the afternoon then I like to go browse for apartment decorating and organizing ideas while I decide what I want to do for dinner. My mind is always racing and making lists, especially when I swim. Since it was so hot all day I decided I wanted something light and tried out some lettuce wraps made with my hummus, they were quite tasty, much better than the green blech soup I made last night.

The various theories I’ve been reading about food combining say that you’re not supposed to eat fruit with your meals, but I always want something sweet at the end so I’ll see how it goes, besides too many rules makes food not fun! I also topped my wraps with some freshly soaked almonds. Soaking the almonds allows enzymes to be released and makes them easier to absorb.

For dessert I enjoyed a delicious and moist piece of the Veggie Girl Caramel Banana Bread that turned out! My old boss at the cafe I worked at said I had to try a new recipe before putting it out so I thought it best I try a small piece before giving it away and I’m glad I did, a sweet ending to a long day!

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  1. June 13, 2009 1:31 am

    The bread looks faaabulous!! 🙂

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