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Wild Wednesday!

June 17, 2009

I keep staying up too late and need to get back to my 7pm bed time, oh the joys of living alone though! Nevertheless, my alarm came too early this morning but thankfully my trustful body wakes right up and gets going. Plus, I was secretly excited I did not have to adorn myself in all funeral black today as it was “Wild Wednesday” at work to celebrate our wild coolers so we got to wear crazy polos which meant I got to wear one of my favorite colors, yeah for happy orange!!!

I enjoyed the morning with my fresh super juice mixed with the plain Amazing Greens powder and enjoyed this much more because I could taste my delicious juice still so I think I’m going to stick with that. Mmm…green goodness on top, don’t worry, it got a good mason jar shake on the way to work!

Supercharging it for some wild Wednesday action, love the outfit and hair! I actually dress a bit crazy anyway so I’m not too out of character 🙂 Every morning we test the espresso shots and also have to do a proper coffee tasting. Never go to a shop and just order “regular coffee,” no such thing. There is actually an art to it all. There are different roasts, different processes, and it’s a bit like tasting wine, complete with the cupping, sniff, slurp, and even spit if you have to do a lot in a row. This is my co-worker Anita and I tasting our Acacia, which is actually one of my favorite organic lighter roasts because it has some dark note qualities with hints of blueberry and chocolate, num!

I got off a bit earlier than normal today which was nice, so I sampled one of our wild coolers, this is the Mint Condition, and drank my own “wild monster!”

Look at those beautiful Vitamix blenders in the background, I lust after them everyday. Yes, Caribou does blend numerous coolers and nummy drinks in them, but I can’t help but think of all the amazing drinks and recipes I could do in them at home. Every morning when I watch my poor blender rumble across the counter trying to grind up the spinach to make my monster I dream of the Vitamix at work.

Dear Vitamix,

I absolutely love your blenders and my poor generic blender at home dearly needs a rest. Please put it out of it’s misery and let me love one of your lonely blenders that is sitting in a box, unused, unloved somewhere, I will give it a nice, warm, and beautiful home!

Dear Caribou,

I have worked very hard for you for quite a while now, waking up at the crack of dawn, biking in stormy weather, and doing my all for your company. I love working for you, (even if it is for a little above minimum wage) and instead of any annual raise,would greatly appreciate the gift of a Vitamix, even if it’s from a used store! Thank you so much!!

Hmmm…wishful thinking? C’est la vie. I am one to have much FAITH and HOPE in the world though!!! My cup is always half full!

Well, except when maybe I have to do laundry, which I have to do now…blech. On the other hand, I do plan to hit the treadmill or elliptical and get to read my book a few magazines while I oversee my laundry to make sure no one helps themselves to it…some suspicious action took place last week…..

Thank you all so much for your suggestions and comments so far, I really appreciate them. Tell your blog friends and I hope you keep reading and I will continue to make improvements!  I leave you with part of my devotion from this morning. I did pass those tests I took yesterday but there is still one loop I have to get through, I did have a very positive conversation with my boss though, and I know I can trust in the Lord and his path!

Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation-so why should I be afraid?”

Calling upon the Lord will always give me strength.

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