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Munchy Matt

June 29, 2009

Another early Monday at the Bou, but I like them because people are overjoyed by our Monday specials, and if I had to pay for my coffee on Monday’s I would be too. It’s $1 for a medium coffee, $2 for an cold press with flavor (white chocolate is the best), and $3 for a medium latte, can’t beat that! So my boss said he was going to quit eating all the rice krispy treats. The evil temptress that I am had an old bag of rice krispies laying around my apartment so I whipped up a batch of fresh krispy treats this weekend and just happen to bring them into work today. However, also being the helpful 12step girl, I placed warning signs all over them :p

Unfortunately this did not deter him and he fell off the wagon. I will give him the benefit of the doubt though, he had a stressful day.

I, on the other hand, had a VERY superseeded juice. I think I was a little bit sleepy this morning and may have double dosed it. It was a bit too thick, but I drank it anyway, too much goodness ot just throw away. Though I may have sprouts growing in my stomach now.

Later on I had my grey monster, I really don’t know what was up with me this morning. Maybe it was the fact that I also left the house with two different colored shoes. They were both danskos, but one was brown, and one was black. Good thing I hide behind a counter all day :p Regardless, it was exceptionally thick and delicious, thanks to some good ripe, frozen nanners!

Matt had to do a lot of work in the back this morning, so it was just two of us upfront, so we were pretty busy despite the low customer count. Everyone is on vacation 😦 I was famished when I was done, did a few quick errands, and came home and devoured the rest of my amazing thai salad!!! SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

Now, I’m off to GO OUT! WHO AM I? One of our regular customers invited us to the steakhouse where he works so my coworker and I are going to go, fun times! I even dressed up, in a dress, well, Seattle style, so that includes capris underneath, I’m just not lady like enough to not cover my basis :p Pictures later, and sorry, I don’t think tonight will be raw, unless it’s medium rare :p

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