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Butta’ and Blessings

July 3, 2009

First off I apologize for a day’s absence, there have been some crazy things going on, but more on that later. Today, I thought I would do a product review as I have had some delicous butta’s hanging around my house and apples calling their name! Also, natural nut butters are another great way to get a healthy fat into your diet, especially if you’re wanting a sweet treat!

The Butter Lineup:

MaraNatha Raw Almond Butter

This was delicious! If you don’t have time to make your own, I would definitely grab a jar of this to keep as a back up! It had a great texture, was easy to mix, dash of sweetness and easy to spread. It was great on my apple and wonderful on my snacky later. Plus the ingredients list are simple and you can pronounce everything: 100% raw organic almonds. Also, rumor has it you can now find this in bulk at costco!

MaraNatha Natural Cashew Buter

A very tasty treat and something different if you’re sick of almonds. The cashew taste really stood out! I see a lot of this in my future. The only thing they add is safflower oil, so not bad at all. Plus, it would be great to make peanut sauces with!

Barney Crunch Almond Butter

Barney took blogs by storm a couple months ago and I really like the crunchy kind, because it has big ol’ chunks of almond. If I needed a very sweet treat with some good capn’ crunch, this would be it. It does has some evaporated cane juice in it and palm fruit oil, but hey, you only live life once.

Artisana Coconut Butter:

Wow, can we just say dessert on a knife! Coconuts have such a misunderstood wrap and it’s so sad. This stuff is raw, amazing, delicous, tantalizing, holy moly, put the jar away before I eat the entire thing (must do serving sizes :p ) They use actual raw coconut meat and is so delicious I would also even use this as straight frosting! I used it in my tropical chia pudding awhile back and mmmmm!!! You can get it online and I’ve seen it at Wholefoods.

So for my snack I decided to have the raw almond butter with berries and drizzle the coconut butter on top. It was better than any ol’ pb+j I’ve had in my entire life!!!

So my stress level has been at an all time high lately and sometimes life just gets you in a rut.  This past year has been full of changes, big ones. But somehow, the past, that I’ve been trying so hard to improve keeps creeping back up with little reminders. It’s silly though, how little things can get us down. For example, today I wanted to get a new cell phone and contract but it demanded a deposit more than I can afford. I know I’ve chosen to work a minimum wage job in order to follow my passions, but I’ve always paid my bills on time. Well you know what? PEANUTS! I have a cell phone and I am thankful! So what if it’s not all fancy!

This morning at 4am, my car decided not to start and I freaked out because I wasn’t going to be able to get to work on time. I’m franitcally chasing down the one car I see go through our parking lot who speeds away (you probalby would too if someone in all black was chasing you that early). Thankfully, a kind coworker got out of bed and came and picked me up!! How kind is that! On top of that, one of my customers who works at a dealership sent out one of his workers later to not only pick me up, but help me with my car. THANK YOU LORD AND DAVID!!!

Everytime I start to mumble grumble, get frustrated with how behind I am, how I still have to scrape by to make ends meet, I have to take a step back, remember how far I’ve come, make sure I’m taking care of my self, get some extra sleep, and mainly, THANK JESUS! In truth, I really have a lot!! It may not be material, it may be forever until I see extra money in my bank account come the end of the month, but I know my account with the Lord will always be full!

and from today’s Psalm reading!! “We wait in home for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoic, for we trust in his holy name. “-Psalm 33:20

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