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Charlotte Adventure!

July 6, 2009

I had a special appointment in Charlotte today (that was wonderful!) and it was also my first time down there. It’s a little over a 2hr drive and my first time in a bigger city since leaving Seattle and not only did I feel right at home right away, but I LOVED IT!!

Look Mom, real buildings!! There was even TRAFFIC too :p I got to my appointment a little early and walked around for a bit. There was a THAI RESTAURANT, too bad it wasn’t open at 9am :p There was also a cute little stationary store and some other places that are on my list to stop at next time I’m down there.  While I was walking I drank my super seed blood juice and found out I was in the “south end,” hope it was a safe part of town!

After my appointment which was very encouraging and motivating and definitely worth the drive, I headed off to meet none other than the infamous Kath of KERF. We had a very humid walk around a cute little neighborhood. I blessed her with some chia seeds so we’ll see what that crazy girl comes up with!

Then, it was off to another adventure! Charlotte just got an IKEA a few months ago and I haven’t been since Seattle. Now that I just got my own place I’ve been dying to go, unfortunately, my checkbook wasn’t as exctited so I had to restrain myself. The first area was of course the kichen stuff and I felt like a kid in a candy shop and saw my bag filling up quite quickly. Then the mommy voice clicked and I sadly put the great deals back on the shelves. They have so much cute stuff at the best prices though!! Sigh, one day….

Kath instructed me to check out the foodies, I didn’t think it was great as the one in Seattle but here I do want to get some of this the next time I go:

It was called “Good for you Muesli” and had two flavors that sounded very tasty. I couldn’t try it though as the bottles were sealed for my protection. You got a very big, yet scary bag (the picture on it) for $4.99.

Check out all that cheese!! Cheese in tubes no thanks, but that huge thing of Farmer’s cheese?? NUMMERS!!!

The cafe was at the end in this IKEA, in Seattle it’s in the middle. All they had were cinnamon rolls, hot dogs, and sodas. Everything was under $3. Oh yes, and frozen yogurt. I think the one at home had more, but I can’t remember. I was hoping to find a salad, but no, so I just got a big ol’ tin of cinnamon rolls to take to work tomorrow for $4.

Here is the mish mosh of my loot:

  • huge rug for my living room
  • bash n chop, ah yeah!!!
  • pillow cover thingy
  • set of 4 small bowls
  • 1 big clear bowl, 1 small
  • set of tupperware
  • small ceramic pie dish
  • frames
  • 8 cards

Total: about $30 Wow!!!

Then it was time for the drive home, I’m not sure what felt longer, there or back…blahhhh but it was time for some car yoga!!

I was exhausted so I went to visit my friend at the Lonestar again and was treated like a princess!

Salad with homemade honey mustard!

The most amazing grilled sweet salmon (getting my omega’s) and sweet potato, they make them there sooooo goood!!!!!!

Grilled Veggies, probably blurry because I ate them so fast they are that good :p

I had way too much caffine today, I ran out of water on the way home and it was cheaper to get the 99c soda fountain cold, than water, how crazy is that? I’m going to regret it when I can’t sleep tonight.

Where God closes a door he opens a window.

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  1. July 6, 2009 7:58 pm

    Hooray for seeing Kath!

  2. July 7, 2009 10:34 am

    FAITH! I had no idea you had a blog until I saw Kath’s post…(I know you as ‘cottage cheese’- email me?!)

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