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Goodmorning Moon!

July 8, 2009

Beware, something crazy might happen, the boogie man might be out, or perhaps good fortune is in the air. The past two mornings driving to work the most amazing, beautiful, full moon has paved my path. (My camera doth not catch it’s glory, but I’m posting it because I stopped in the middle of the deserted highway to take it :p )

Before leaving though, I prepped my goodies for the day! Blender in action, with lots of spinach, so it was definitely green today! By the time I got to drink this bad boy I was a mood monster, or “hangry” as Jen has made it known amongst the blogs. My boss: “You seem stressed.” As I have 8 jugs of cooler going at the same time, customers lining up, and now coffee overflowing….I NEED MY MONSTER!!!

Pre-monster though, I sipped on my superseed blood juice of course, DELISH! I definitely prefer my fresh juice. It’s posed next to the cold shots I’m pouring and timing which we do every morning for our Caribou Coolers. Today was Wild Wednesday aka $1 off large coolers, so we were going to need lots of extra espresso!! It got me thinking…I wonder what a green monster with a shot would taste like…hmmmm….

Matt came in very excited about his cantaloupe and his Caveman bar. I excitedly told him he was eating RAW!!! He has to come prepared now that we are all out of rice krispy treats :p  The ingredients were simple: Almonds, coconut, and brown rice syrup.  They are all handmade in small batches according to the site.

I was excited about the bar because it was made in Edmonds, WA, right by where I grew up! I thought I had seen these bad boys before. Matt said the bar was “sweet and delicoius!” I don’t think it kept him all that satiated though because he said he was starving a few hours later, though I guess it was due time. I had a small bite and thought it was way too sweet, I couldn’t imagine eating an entire bar, but would maybe like half of one for a dessert. We’re going to see if he shows up with a beard tomorrow like the freaky guy on the label.

For lunch, I had tossed together a quick salad of spinach, peppers, salsa, and then a black bean burger that had been in my freezer for ages, and tasted like it had. Nevertheless, it was tasty and had good crunch. The edge of the burger was exceptionally chewy, so lesson be learned, eat your burgers within due time :p

Then it was time for Operation Mom Prep! Yup!!! My mommy is coming to visit! I haven’t seen her for almost a year and it’s first time out on the east coast! I did the laundry, nice clean sheets, got a bottle of wine (had to call and tell her to bring an opener though :p ) I also vacuumed out my car which has needed to be done ever since I moved, and that was VERY HOT! I was about ready to throw myself clothes and all into the pool when I was done.

Wow, that’s a terrible picture, but hey, how’s that for putting yourself out there in your not so good moments? I have to make sure I get some good sleep tonight because I have to pick my mom up late at the airport tomorrow then still open the next morning which is almost a recipe for grumpy pants.

So for all your Southerners, what are the “have to” southern foods my mom should try while she’s down here to have some good ol’ southern cookin’??

“He is like a tree planted by streams of watrs, which yields its fruit in season and whos leaf does not withr. Whatever he does prospers.” Psalms 1: 3

Today I trust in the Lord and go with the flow.

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