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Berry Good Reviews, Recipes, and More!

July 14, 2009

Phew, despite this being my first four days off in a very long time, I think I’m almost more exhausted as my mom and I have been running ourselves ragged!

It was good to be home, and I started off the morning with my usual juice and fighting with the computer trying to download the weekend’s worth of pictures from my crappy camera and my mom’s spiffy camera!  My internet kept going out though from a brief period of southern thunderstorms.

I enjoyed a berry good monster via smoothie soup! It’s great this way. When eating raw they say you should “chew” your bites, even if it is smooth, and I even dropped a few berries in, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Once again, so nice to be able to sit and have my breakfast rather than rushing around!

We had to meet someone to get an estimate on some car work mid morning so we headed down to the coffee shop. My mom met some of my fellow co-workers, I got some computer work done and we met the mechanic. Haven’t heard back yet, but cross your fingers it’s not too much $$!!!


While at the shop I had my good ol’ lunch shake, creamy and delish! Howeever, lately I’ve been finding it not holding me over as well, so I might need to oomph it up a bit. I seem to have lost the picture, but check out the cup I have been using. I love it! I can make my smoothie in the morning, take it with me in the car for a few hours, and it is still creamy and cold! Perfect for a girl always on the go!

If you are a constant smoothie drinker like myself, I definitely recommend getting one of these. The price is right, and I have also not had any green monster explosions like some of my previous shakers.

We headed out for an epic Walmart adventure. Normally I don’t like to support that company for ethical reasons, but when my budget only allows for so much, I have to succumb. We actually had some great finds, my apartment is becoming quite homey, so picts to come soon!!! My mom is a superb decorator!

I snacked on my fresh fruit of berries and mango+ a chocolate chip raw bar on the way there. It was perfect!

I had brainstormed a few ideas for dinner, but didn’t want to go to the store so on the way back I was thinking of all the leftovers I had in my head. Taco salad with a bean burger concoction came to mind and this is what came out:

Oaty-OoHempf Bean Burgers-

Combine above in bowl and mix well. Divide into 1/2c portions and form into patties. Bake on a VERY WELL greased cookie sheet, grill, or fry in pan. ENJOY!

Makes 2 servings.

I served these in a taco salad with some homemade guac, and topped them with greek yogurt! Perfect!

Try your luck!

If you’re feeling “hangry” check out an awesome giveaway over at Hangry Pants for some MojiMix granola!

At first I was a bit torn on the Amazing Grass stuff, but after putting it in my lunch shakes for awhile, it’s grown on me. Oh She Glows is doing an awesome giveaway, check it out here!

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  1. July 14, 2009 11:31 am

    Great product review!

    Saw your comment on my blog:

    – Try this recipe for hemp granola bars:

    – And no, King Arthur does not make gf ww flour.

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