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Flowers, Food, and Fun!

July 14, 2009

Some wise superseed juice started my morning, today’s words: “I am taking the next step for my healing!” How perfect!

I had an early doctors appointment in Hillsborough, so I made my monster to go and we hit the road.

The appointment was okay, I don’t really care for the doctor but am too lazy to find another one at the moment. My mom thought Hillsborough was cute, we walked down the main street and she tried some bbq at the recommended Tupelo’s.

After falling in love with oysters this weekend, I forwent my usual shake and actually tried an oyster po’boy sammie. It was so-so, but I regretted it later as it really upset my tum, so I’m definitely sticking to the shakes from now on. Regardless, Tupelo’s was delicious, my mom gave it a thumbs up!

Since we have been going a mile a minute ever since she arrived we decided to slow it down a bit today. I amazing found the Duke Gardens without making one wrong turn so we hung out there for a little bit, but it got too hot for mom quite fast.

I then found a new shortcut home and we did some odds and ends for the rest of the afternoon which wasn’t much left at all. Before I knew it I had to prepare dinner. I looked in the fridge and decided to saute up some veggies in garlic, EVOO, and a dash of wine since I never have that in the house. I stuck some chicken in the oven to broil, and grabbed some Kashi pilaf. That was the star of the meal!

Sweet Berry Pilaf

  • pkg Kashi rice mix
  • berries of choice, cherries really make the mix!
  • drizzle of coconut butter

Microwave Kashi according to directions. Dish servings into bowls, toss in berries/cherries. Drizzle with coconut butter!

It’s back to the real world tomorrow which means an early wake up call and a VERY long day at the coffee shop due to a staff meeting. I hope I can sleep tonight after staying up way past my usual bed time these past few days. I best wind down and hit the couch! (I have surrendered my bed for dear mom!)

Sweet blessings and may angels keep you all!!

“The lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.”-Psalm 29:11

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  1. July 14, 2009 9:22 pm

    Hillsborough!! Tupelos!!

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