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Mantra Makeover #2: Appreciate Your Brain Bucket

July 17, 2009
image from Wikipedia

image from Wikipedia

“A fresh mind keeps the body fresh. Take in the ideas of the day, drain off those of yesterday.
As to the morrow, time enough to consider it when it becomes today.”
-Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Sorry about the delay in the next Makeover Mantra series, I was a bit busy living, laughing, and loving with my momma! So from our beautiful hair, we travel just below to our amazing skull which is intricately made up of 22 bones and bound together by fiber.  When we are born, the skull is not even entirely formed and actually takes about 18 months to fully develop.  Also known as the “cranium,” it has four large holes to hold very important parts such as our precious eyes, nose, and brain.  In addition, there is a hole for blood vessels to travel through.  In the 1800’s, Franz Joseph Gall created Phrenology, a science where one could supposedly tell traits of a person based on the features of one’s skull, though it is no longer practiced, unless you maybe visit a side circus 🙂  While to some the skull, cross, and bones may be the latest fashion statement, we now know it is so much more!

Thanks again Wikipedia!

Thanks again Wikipedia!

So have you ever given much thought to your scull? Maybe when you bumped your head against that coffee table as a child, or a kitchen cabinet left open (as I am often guilty of?) Perhaps you have suffered a brain injury and know the importance of the skull better than any of us and what a precious gift it is! I used to work in a Level 1 Trauma Center and have seen the skull first hand in more unfortunate circumstances than one. Please people, always wear your bike helmet, biking, rollerblading, a helmet when rock climbing, protect that noodle of yours, use your “brain bucket!

It amazes me how our Higher Power has so intricately created our bodies and I am so thankful for it. He has craftily enabled us to build hearty fibers to protect our beautiful minds and senses (eyes, mouth, and nose) with this 22-boned skull. There is more under that skin that meets the eye, just as there is more to you, remember that!

Here is something heavy to get those neurons going:

“The variety of the passions is great, and worthy, in every branch of that variety, of the most diligent investigation. The more accurately we search into the human mind, the stronger traces we everywhere find of His wisdom who made it. If a discourse on the use of the parts of the body may be considered as a hymn to the Creator, the use of the passions, which are the organs of the mind, cannot be barren of praise to Him, nor unproductive to ourselves of that noble and uncommon union of science and admiration, which a contemplation of the works of Infinite Wisdom alone can afford to a rational mind; whilst referring to Him whatever we find of right, or good, or fair, in ourselves, discovering his strength and wisdom even in our own weakness and imperfection, honoring them where we discover them clearly, and adoring their profundity where we are lost in our search, we may be inquisitive without impertinence, and elevated without pride; we may be admitted, if I may dare to say so, into the counsels of the Almighty, by a consideration of his works. This elevation of the mind ought to be the principal end of all our studies, which, if they do not in some measure effect, they are of very little service to us.”-Edmund Burke
And lastly:
“By simply changing our mind with the same ease with which we change our socks, we can move from lack to abundance, absence to presence, persecution to empowerment; and by observing our internal dialogue and reversing the content, pitch, cadence, and conviction of our thoughts in another direction entirely, we can, as an artist before a canvas, paint a whole new reality before us.”
-Saleem Rana
Are you going to wear dirty socks today?
Please share your thoughts!

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