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“Prepare” for what’s in store!

July 18, 2009

I was awaken this morning by another store manager frantically looking for an opener because theirs did not show up. I raced to start getting ready only to get a call a bit later saying I didn’t need to come in after all, ah man! Nevertheless, I still had to be at my own store by 8:30 so I unpacked a few of the boxes my mom sent me and then headed out. I had planned to do a bit of computer work before my shift, but upon entering the store it was pure chaos as 2 espresso machines were down so I had to clock on early. I ran around trying to catch up, thus my super juice was chugged and not photoed.

However, it did slow down just enough for us to do “coffee talk” where I tasted a shot of coffee next to a shot of my green monster 🙂 My monster was much tastier! Tasting coffee is much like tasting wine. We check for Aroma, Acidity, Flavor, Finish, and Body and use all sorts of funky descriptors.

Since I had to leave in such a rush this morning I got to indulge and use the coveted Vita-Mix to make my lunch shake, but shhh, don’t tell! (And yes, it was well sanitized immediately afterwards!) The lunch time combo:

  • frozen papaya, 1/2 banana, 1 strawberry (random freezer bit)
  • Pom-Mango Amazing Grass Meal Pkt
  • Acai Powder
  • 1c almond milk

Using the vita-mix rather than the usual blender really does make a difference. It really creams it up and makes it super smooth and delicious. I was bummed I forgot to bring my lucuma powder, but the blender made the difference.

I snacked on this big bowlful of anti-oxidant goodness while I did some errands, it was the last of my costco cherries, sad 😦 But I enjoyed every juicy bite!

It was sort of the afternoon of preparations.  It’s taken a few days of patient searching, but I finally scored a ton of well-ripe bananas for super cheap!!

I got all these for about $1! So I cut them up and froze them, perfect for my smoothies and banana soft-serv!!

Then, it was time to bust out Brutus and make a fresh batch of super juice!!

I decided to throw a cucumber in at the last minute so had to have a test glass 🙂

Then, while rummaging through the fridge I found my discount peaches and juiced those with some apples remembering this sweet discovery my mom and I made. Pure nectar of the gods and a sweet treat! I mixed a little of this with my super juice sample and sipped on it while doing my other tasks, perfect!

Yup, those are some almonds soaking! What could be in store?? I have a hunch, so I’m going to be trying a theory out tomorrow…stay tuned!

And for another part 2, I happened to toss all of the above ingredients together this afternoon to create a hopefully delightful and tasty treat! Any guesses on what it might be??? I have at least another 30mins to wait, so you have to wait too.

Question: Do you like chocolate? Do you like coffee? Do you live in North Carolina??

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  1. July 18, 2009 8:54 pm

    I’m a new chocoholic! 😀

    • cottchz permalink*
      July 18, 2009 9:38 pm

      oh man, if you get down here to NC, you need to come try the new chocolate Caribou is bustin out!! it’s divine! it’s from guittard and only a few stores are testing it for a few months and mine is one of them!!! the dark chocolate is AMAZING!!!! i’m going to post about it soon!!!

  2. July 18, 2009 10:16 pm

    hi sweetie!

    I am allergic to chocolate (have been since I found out in 4th grade!) and don’t like coffee (looove the smell!) and I live in Indiana. 😉

    I love that pledge!!!! Hugs and peaches! XOXO Pols

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