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Escape into Mindful Eating

July 19, 2009

Sadly, I had to work this morning rather than go to work, but that’s okay, I have all next weekend off. Plus, I unpacked some more boxes yesterday and discovered some of the pottery I painted which means I got to have my coffee in one of my happy cups!

I drank my superseed juice while running amuck at work, yes, stuff is STILL breaking, I swear….

A few hours later it was time for a green monster, the new guy didn’t want to take the challenge.

I think he was still full from all the drinks he had to try and the different milks, etc. Training can be a true buzz. He missed out, it was especially delicious this morning!

I made a creamy and delicious smoothie for lunch (you know what made it extra speical, shhh). This is what went in:

And the product:

Ok, it may not look that appetizing, but my body, my tum, and my taste buds were quite pleased! Remember, things are not always as they appear. My only complaint is the Amazing Grass was particularly grainy today. I’m still not sure where I stand on this stuff. I definitely liked the lucuma though which I remembered!

I’m off to run some errands this afternoon and perhaps some kitchen adventures, but first a few thoughts of the deep mind, beware.

I was spoiled last week with my mom here and finally having someone to eat dinner with. While I very much enjoy my alone time and am a very independent person, I love sharing meals, cooking for people, and delighting in the food. Whenever I’m eating by myself, I easily fall into mindless eating, having to distract myself with the tv, computer, a book, etc. This has also led to periods of negative eating where cravings and emotions take control.

I recently read an excerpt from Meal by Meal that spoke on this topic. They talked about five basic obstacles of mindless eating: food cravings, unhealthy emotions, focusing on negativity, sleepliness/fatigue, anxiety, restless, and doubt. These are all MAJOR things that hit me in the evening which is often my most vulnerable time.

So today, I admit this weakness, I challenge myself to note my emotions rather than fall into escapism, and be mindful with my evening meal.

“Without attention, the human sense of wonder and the holy will stir occasionally, but to become a steady flame it must be tended.”-Huston Smith

Question: What do you do when you’re eating alone?

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