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Gold Filtered Almond Milk?? I say, DIVINE!

July 20, 2009

Yesterday was an experiment day in the kitchen. My almonds were well soaked to make a fresh batch of actual nourishing almond milk since I have been taking the lazy way out and buying the blah stuff lately. I had this new idea of how to strain it that I got while doing our cold presses rather than using a cheese cloth and it worked….ok.

PICT0260We drain our cold presses through a gold filter at work, with course grounds, so I thought, hey, wouldn’t that work with the course almond paste? Well, the almond grind was a bit too fine and clogged up the filter quicker, and I had to be pretty patient, which is not my virtue, but it worked better than expected, and I’ll try it again. Plus, if you don’t happen to have cheesecloth in the house, it’s a good backup!

PICT0266I was still able to save my pulp which I used in my energy bars (stay tuned!). This batch turned out divine! It was creamy, thick, and had just the right amount of sweetness! My tasting cup:

PICT0270I love the foam on top!! It’s like dessert, but I had an even better one later!  This batch had:

  • 1c soaked almonds
  • 4c filtered water
  • 2 figs
  • dash of amaretto agave
  • dash of sea salt  

Since this is my first attempt at Live Writer, woohoo for getting technical, I’m going to attempt to publish this mini-post and see how it goes!  Stay tuned for more of my kitchen adventures!

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