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Give yourself Permission

July 24, 2009


One of my favorite customers that comes in every morning is named Jim. He orders a small dark roast, but only gets his slice of lemon bread if he answers the trivia question right. He is an incredibly intelligent man, speaks two other languages fluently, will come in with these humongous hard bound books in Dutch and read them, and he’ll always enlighten me on some topic or the other. I always want him to get that trivia question right, just so he can get his 10cent discount and get his lemon bread. For him, that is his permission to get his treat.

For many women, and men, it is much more than just a trivia question for them to have a treat, and for some, even eat. Many will exercise for hours, some even take it to extremes and starve themselves for days. I often will hear people come in and look longingly at the bakery case and then comment, “No, I’m staying off carbs these days.” Oh! How I cringe and want to smack Dr. Atkins upside the head.

Listen to your body, listen to your needs. You don’t have to “earn” your way to nutrition. You don’t have to earn yourself a treat. Your body needs fuel and your body deserves to be nourished. Your taste buds want to be pleased and you will enjoy food so much more if you eat a variety and enjoy what you are eating!  Research has shown that if you deprive yourself of certain foods, you will just end up on binging on them later, it is better to enjoy them in proper portion.

Be mindful of what you are eating, savor each bite, feel the texture. Enjoy life, be adventurous, try new foods, tantalize those tastebuds. So you may get that trivia question wrong and not get your ten cents off, but is your tummy telling you you’re hungry? It’s okay, treat yourself!

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