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Rocket Maca Shake+Farmers Market

July 26, 2009

PTL!!! Today was such a gorgeous Saturday and I’m so glad I had it off! I still wake up super early, which is fine, because that just enables me to have a full day ahead! My body also craves my juice by 6am, so I must not deny the superseed!

PICT0317It was charmed: Faith, Hope Love! Until I shook it too much and it splattered all over the floor….oooph.PICT0315I think I cleaned the kitchen about three times today, and that includes, mop, broom, etc. That’s okay though, cleaning is good for the soul!  I appreciated not having to rush out of the house, but at the same time I was eager to find the big State Farmers Market so I made my shakes to go. (Hmm…my green monster pict seemed to have cannibilized itself, but if you don’t know what a lot of spinach and wonderful other nutritious goodies looks like all blended up, see archives) 🙂

Besides, the real star of today was the Rocket Maca Vega Shake!! Holy Cow, did this sucker keep me satiated and pump me full of crazy energy that blasted me through the afternoon. Plus, it blended all creamy and smooth so it was almost like ice cream! Definitely making one tomorrow!


  • 1c almond milk
  • 1pkt Vega berry blend
  • 1tsp Navita Natural Maca powder-KEY INGREDIENT
  • 1T Acai Power
  • 1/2 froz nanner+bit of froz berries

I could go on and on about my love for this shake, I was talking a mile a minute the rest of the afternoon, there is some serious power in that Maca stuff :p Definitely no need for coffee, I think I will start adding it to my morning shake 🙂

The farmer’s market was AMAZING! I think it’s the closest thing to Pike Place I will find down here in NC. They literally had towers of peaches and corn today. I feasted with my eyes, as well as trying a few samples 🙂

PICT0323I thought of Polly and her Almond Butter with all these peaches!!


  Too bad they were watching or I just might have devoured this entire melon, so juicy!



Poor tomatoes, how can any veggie be ugly?? All delicious!! 

PICT0321Fresh bread! I stayed far away from here, but I am always a sucker for it….they are always so pretty and reminds me of my time abroad!

PICT0334I was pretty well behaved. I wanted to get a ton of peaches, berries, melons, greens, etc. However, I left with a few nummy, and NOT UGLY tomatoes, a HUGE $2 sweet melon, a bag of pink beans which I have never tried, a purple pepper, an a white squash!! I got all of this for under $7, because I’m pretty sure that was all I had in my wallet when I left :) 

“Today I will live and let live!”

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  1. tosha25italia permalink
    July 26, 2009 4:03 pm

    Yum! All of that fresh food looks amazing!!

  2. tosha25italia permalink
    July 26, 2009 4:04 pm

    oops I’m logged in since I’m playing around w/ word press- my blog now is


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