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Maca Power and Mocha Tastings

July 28, 2009

Woohee! That Maca stuff is crazy powerful! I have put it in my shakes now for a few days and it leaves me talking a mile a minute, I think I need to be careful with it. It is definitely one powerful superfood, let me tell ya’! No need for any extra caffeine when adding just a teaspoon of that!

maca-gel-powder photo courtesy of

Fun Facts about Maca:

  • possesses building blocks for seretonin
  • helps with stress by helping adrenal glands regenerate
  • from a root vegetable related to the turnip
  • a little bit will do! only need about 1/2tsp a day

    After work today, I gathered a few of my ‘Bou buddies and we did a Mocha comparison with some of our coffee competitors to see if our new chocolate really lived up to it’s standard and actually came up with some good results! To preface, I love coffee, and just because i work somewhere doesn’t mean I’ll drink their stuff. I go after taste. For example, I worked at Starbucks in Seattle for years, but I LOVED Stumptown and Cafe Vita, and would always go there whenever I wanted to actually purchase a cup of really good coffee or espresso. As I have mentioned before, there is an art to coffee and espresso, and tasting it is much like tasting wine.


Thus, the mocha comparison began. It was free mocha’s at McDonalds, so we ventured over there and nabbed two small ones, very scary as it was literally pumped out of a machine, milk and all, and topped with Reddi Whip.

Then, it was off to Starbucks for a Grande Mocha and a Grande White Mocha, had to take off my Caribou shirt before going in there, hehe.

Once back at the ‘Bou, we poured them all into disguised sample cups, made one of each Caribou white and dark mocha, and then blind tasted them all:


MCDONALDS: You pay what you get for I guess. If you want a gas station tasting mocha with flat milk and something that tasted like an instant cappucino mix with a very bad aftertaste for $1.90, then go for it, but you could probably make something better at home. BLECH!

STARBUCKS: This one was creamier, and we ordered it with 2% but one tester said it tasted almost like breve. The biggest complaint about both the white and dark mocha was the big oils on top, it was disgusting. “When is exxon going to come clean this spill up?” said tester #2. Biggest disappointment….major sludge at the bottom.

CARIBOU: Creamy, smooth, very rich. Good consistency throughout, and no sludge! One change I would make is less chocolate in a hot one though, because it might be too rich for a medium hot mocha if you were to drink the entire thing. Best one overall though and no oils!


STARBUCKS: I used to love these, this one was creamy and smooth, but had a very bitter aftertaste and was almost too sweet. Once again, major oils.

CARIBOU: Very creamy consistency, nice and smooth, not too sweet, nice vanilla undertones, good balance. I think this recipe is right on.


None of the testers will ever be going to McDonalds. I used to hit up the ‘Bux for their White Mocha’s but once Caribou does their full run on their new chocolate, they have definitely won me over with their new White Mocha. We all agreed that Caribou’s new chocolate is better than Starubucks in both consistency and quality, in part due to no disgusting oils on top of the drink and no sludge at the bottom.

Once again, these are my honest chocolate buds talking, I am not partial to any of the companies. I will actually be quite sad when we have to go back to our old chocolate until the true launch, because I am not that big of a fan 🙂

If you are in the CHAPEL HILL, NC area, you can receive $1 off any size mocha, hot or iced at either the downtown Franklin store or Franklin/Estes store for the next two weeks by bringing in this coupon!

PICT0354 #571(Yes, my scary photo and this code is the coupon, my boss didn’t want me to get sued for using the logo)

(Sorry I couldn’t make it nationwide, but currently the chocolate launch is in test mode and only limited stores have it, but stay tuned for October!!!)

Affirmation for the day: It’s okay to be myself around others:) Especially when chocolate is involved!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. July 28, 2009 9:05 pm

    pretty cool -thanks for the taste test! will definitely pass on to mocha drinking buds!

  2. July 29, 2009 5:15 pm

    You’ve totally got me interested in this Maca Power Powder!!! I DEPEND on caffeine to get me through my days!

  3. July 30, 2009 1:39 am

    After reading your blog I went to Whole Foods and bought some of the Maca Power. I just remembered now about the 25% off coupon. I am going to go back and get a discount. Can’t wait to try it.

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