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Banana Diet and Annie Chung is NOT IN THE HOUSE!

July 31, 2009

TGIF, I think I have spilled just about everything today which definitely means it’s time for the weekend! Thankfully my delicious green monster made it both safely to work and into my tummy!

PICT0366 This however, did not 😦 It sat so beautifully on the table awaiting me to devour it, but when I jumped up to go change, SPLAT! All over the floor. Nothing like mopping off the clock. I don’t know if I was more frustrated about the spilled smoothie, ruined lunch, or wasted $$ as I was calculating the Vega powder, fruit, milk, etc. Does anyone else do that? I hate wasting things.

PICT0370 At least I had my afternoon snack to munch on, so I just ate that instead. Not as satisfying but it got me through-who can complain about juicy summer fruit that is so colorful?? And, you know how I love my Pure bars!


There has been more chaos at work this week so poor Anita, who was supposed to hang out and go berry picking with me after work got called in on her day off, so our plans got averted. Thus, I went wandering off to do some errands, found myself lusting in a bike shop, but ended up only returning with a big bunch of rotten bananas perfect for smoothies at 82cents!

PICT0372  Why can’t bikes be 82cents? Hmm…I wonder if I just lived on bananas for awhile how long it would take me to get a bike?

This pondering has sent me on an hour or so google search of pure nonsense. Some guy apparently ate 27 bananas in less than twenty minutes and got his stomach pumped.  Others say you’ll get constipated, while the other spectrum ended up with banana diarrhea. Some people say you’ll turn yellow and have renal problems, and as always, you can always count on coming up with “the banana diet.”  I think I’ll stick to making a budget and trying to maintain a healthy eating balance 🙂

So ever since coming down to NC, I’ve been on the quest for some good pad thai. I saw these two Annie Chun products on closeout and thought I’d give them a shot since I was exhausted and microwaving stuff can be fairly spill proof.


This was her pad thai sauce and some sprouted brown rice that you just had to nuke for 90seconds. I add some steamed veggies to balance it all out.


Now being microwaved, I was not expecting anything great, but this was DISGUSTING. The pad thai sauce did not resemble anything pad thai’ish I have tasted before, not even asian like, just blech! The rice was very sticky and the portion (meant for 2) was extremely small. The rice, I guess, would have been good for sushi rolls, but other than that, notta. Annie Chun won’t be at my house for dinner again anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Still Thailess in NC,


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