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50 Operation "boutifuls” and You are Too!

August 9, 2009

So due to my tech troubles that I’m still working on, I’m going to have to combine some posts, sorry about that! More exciting news is that I took time to print out some Operation Beautiful labels to easily stick onto cups at work on Friday and managed to bless fifty beautiful women! It was a lot of fun!

PICT0417 Which reminds me…what’s all this “my pants are too tight?” nonsense. Yeah…I know this can be disconcerting, but You are not a number, comfort is the number one key! Which is why my favorite pants are drawstrings, never have to worry about that two tight feeling 🙂 Granted, I have always been blessed with an occupation where I can where scrubs, drawstring jeans, and such, but I’m sure one of those top designers can come out wish some swanky khakis, I’m all over the drawstring Old Navy Khakis!  Ok, sorry, off my soap box.

PICT0420 I got to go to a Yoga Class Friday evening for free, and man did that tire me out and leave me sore! It was much more demanding than any other type of yoga I had ever done before but felt good. Plus, the instructor had a lot of positive statements, one of my favorite was:

You don’t have to be perfect, perfect is boring.

I’ve also been ablet o have a little fun time. Anita and I did some exposure therapy together and went to the mall for the first time. Neither of us lasted very long, but it was still fun. Plus it was tax free weekend! Too bad I didn’t have any funds to spare. Nevertheless, she was in heaven when she found 5 for $5 antibacterial soap at Bath and Body works, she is a major germ phobe :p

2009-08-08 15.32.49


I came home to a tasty dinner, in love with these sammies 🙂 I made it open faced this time and had some papaya on the side to aid in digestion of the gassy beans 🙂 I also added some apple cider vinegar to the bean pate to help my enzymes as well. Good thing I live alone!

2009-08-08 17.04.10


How are you loving yourself today?

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  1. Oof permalink
    August 11, 2009 12:12 am

    What up with the Anti-Bacterial lady. Looks like she’s in heaven.

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