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The NC “Summit”

August 16, 2009

While everyone else was living it up in Boston, I decided to have my own “summit” down here in NC and head to the mountains, though on the drive I tried to follow the action best I could on twitter and I HAVE to get a ticket next year!!!

I needed a major break after the week I had, and have yet to venture over to Asheville and the mountains despite everyone always telling me that is totally “me” so I decided I better check it out. It was a very nice drive and I was kept company by listening to Wally Lamb’s new book which is excellent!


I was also fueled by my prepared monsters I had in my cooler!


I decided to make an impromptu detour to Brevard and check out DD Bullwinkle’s which is an old fashioned soda shop and curiosity shop. It was pretty cute. I also picked up some fun souvenirs.

PICT0463 PICT0469 Then it was off to my hike! The hikes out here crack me up so far-I guess I should be thankful though. It’s lovely paved roads the entire way and humongous easy, well groomed hiking paths, unlike the pot-holed (am I on a road on just driving through the forest, roads of Washington.) The hike wasn’t as vigorous as I was hoping, but man was it gorgeous. Perfect for a hot day, especially one to bring a picnic to and just hang and and swim right under the falls!

PICT0464(More fall picts to come I have to get them off my phone 🙂 )

I fueled up with a raw bar and my lunch smoothie on my drive there!

PICT0459PICT0458  I was definitely hungry by the time I headed into Asheville and planned on going to the infamous Laughing Seed Cafe for dinner. Good thing I got the tip that you had to go through a bar to find it or I never would have 🙂 It was nice, the entrees were pricier than I had thought, so I was a bit bummed and had to settle for one of the lower cost entrees I could have made for myself at home than get something exciting and new to try due to budget purposes, but it was still delicious!


Oh, how could I forget, after my hike I had a recovery smoothie of some jay robb, banana, yogurt, almond milk, and I think a little too much guar gum as this thing was like green pudding!!! I seriously think I could have tipped this thing over and it wouldn’t have dumped out :p Anyway, back to the dinner nummies…


The Harmony Bowl with Ginger Sesame Dressing. It was delicious!


I had to dig in to find the black beans and tofu…I wish there was more in there because I needed more protein! Still tasty!

I originally planned to camp overnight, but as I was eating it got really windy, thunder, and a storm had set in. Thus, I decided to just make the drive home. However, I did stop at this awesome natural market which I wish we had here. They had a raw bar, and tons of raw foods, thus I did find some new goodies to try!


  • Wheat Free Rustic Personal Crust
  • Raw Artisan Cacao Butter!!!!
  • Raw Macaroons
  • Rice Protein Powder
  • New bars…a hemp bar and a macrobiotic bar…hmmmm……

Completely off the wall questions of the day:

If you were following your passions, what sort of job would you want to have?

What are good companies to work for?

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  1. August 21, 2009 7:17 am

    Glad you made it to Asheville!! And the Laughing Seed!

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