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Sinful Saturday+Killer Eats!

August 22, 2009

It’s a busy but sort of fun-drum Saturday ahead, so I started with some usual super-fuel super-seed juice! Carrot, beet, apple, celery, cucumber! +superseed powder!


PICT0488 The Green Monster I will be consuming. This is actually my picture from yesterday, but I’m being a lazy blogger because today’s monster looks the same, is in the same bottle, is made out of the same wonderful ingredients, and is in my fridge growling.

  • 1c almond milk
  • oodls of spinach
  • sprinkle frozen blueberries
  • 5 banana chunks
  • maca powder-POWER MAN!
  • 1 scoop vanilla jay robb

When I told you guys I go through a lot of the J Man, check this out:

PICT0485 If memory serves me correct, I got this on Sunday….wow. Speaking of which, Mr. Robb sent me some goodies in the mail yesterday! I have been wanting to try his rice protein because I’ve been reading about so many benefits of rice protein. I eagerly ripped it open and immediately made a monster for my afternoon snack.

2009-08-21 14.43.22

I was sort of sad though, it wasn’t as creamy and sweet as the Whey Vanilla. It also had this grainy texture and funny aftertaste and also left me feeling a bit ill 😦 Maybe I am sensitive to rice proteins? The one I got from EarthFare a week ago was TERRIBLE, Jay Robb’s was at least palatable. However, I still like the Whey protein a lot better.


It was like Christmas yesterday! The long awaited KILLER BREAD MAN finally arrived!!! I practically yelped with excitement as I ran to the office to pick up the package. When I tore in, not only did I find some delicious bread, but a SIN DAWG as well!!!!!


I can’t wait to dive into this bad boy, he looks delicious.

I cooked all afternoon for my interview, and I think it went okay. The people are very nice and although I really want the opportunity and think it would be great for my life in all aspects, I’m not going to hold onto too much because I don’t like to get my hopes up. I changed the rice up a lot and it came out great. I found some muscadine grapes at the famers market, added some fresh herbs, and a couple secret ingredients.  I also took a small peach crumble to work for my friends to try:


Bridget loved it!


I definitely had to dig in to Dave’s bread for dinner and made myself a killer sammie with turkey, cucumber, hummus, roasted red pepper, and raw cheddar. NUMMERS!!

PICT0500 I’m going to put myself out there and put up this terrible pict of me trying to take a “killer bite” :p I think I just look really scary 🙂


HOLY COW THE BEST BREAD EVER!! I’m currently trying to bribe my sister to keep me in supply since she lives in Seattle.

PICT0490 For dessert I had to try some of the sin dawg and wowzers, cinnabon, you have lost your match, this thing is amazing. I want to buy about a hundred of them, but I don’t have enough self control. I had to cut myself my serving and put the rest in the freezer 🙂 This is SINDELICIOUS!

I really want to win this free Vitamix I’ve been coveting here….you can too!!

If you’re not school shopping, what are you doing? If you don’t have school supplies to buy, do you still go out and get them anyway :p

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  1. tosha25italia permalink
    August 23, 2009 7:32 am

    yuum!! I got 2 loaves to try out but no is delicious though!

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