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Make time for fun, friends, and food….

August 23, 2009

I got the cleaning bug this morning and did some much needed catching up as well as organization. I discovered I had a bounty of bars…oops. I eat one every day, so I’ve gotten in the habit whenever I go to the store to pick up a couple and I also get in ruts of liking a certain one and only wanting that ONE so I think these are the remnants of my phases. They are also from when my old boss and I would do a bar exchange at work, so now I’m not allowing myself to buy any more until this collection dwindles :p

PICT0516 I also organized myself a better smoothie station. Now everything is lined up and ready to go for my 4am monster makings! I’ve got my Maca, Acai, Lucuma, Jay Robb, Vega, and the freezer with all the other goodies is an arm reach away, very convenient!

PICT0517 I was going to be out for most of the day so I packed myself a KILLER SAMMIE with Daves Killer Bread!PICT0518 The key to making a good half sammie is cutting the bread with one half slightly larger than the other, that way you get a good solid top! I learned that when I had to make about 100 sammies a day for a cafe. I put some roasted red pepper hummus on it.

PICT0519 And tried some new herbed almond cheese, as well as organic turkey, cucumber, spinach, and one small roasted red pepper!PICT0520 SCRUMPDIDLIUMPTIOUS!!! I also had a very juicy peach that got me all sticky so I couldn’t take a picture of it 🙂

Out of my bar collection, I decided to forgo the usual Raw Crunch and try Ruth’s Peanut Butter Banana Hemp Power. I found this one in Asheville. It was quite tasty and held me over for a very long time, I was not hungry for dinner until much later than usual. It has good stats too!


170cals    7g fat    2g fiber   6g protein

Ingredients: Oats, agave syrup, softhemp, banana, peanut butter, brown rice syrup, crisp brown rice.

When I was finally hungry for dinner, I kept it light and decided I should use up the leftover random veggies in my fridge before they went bad. Thus, a stir fry ensued. Yeah, I eat a lot of those, but I love them!

PICT0521 I seasoned it with:

  • garlic
  • ginger
  • lemon juice
  • sea salt
  • touch agave
  • dash white wine

For my protein I tried one of these Teriyaki Chicken Sausages that have 140cals and 15g protein!

PICT0522 For my grain I had the rest of the Tigris, and all together it was quite tasty! I have not been using ginger lately for some reason, I’m glad it’s back in my life, I love it!

PICT0525 Church was really good today. The pastor brought up how with school starting and what not life gets really busy and we tend to not make time for other people. Jesus prioritized people above His own agenda.

I think this is a good reminder for all of us, even if you don’t have a Higher Power. I often see people list major to do lists, and granted we all have those, add some friend time! Or, maybe time to go out and get a friend a card to actually HANDWRITE and send to them rather than an email. Authentic relationships are not made on facebook. It’s the face to face time where you share openly with one another and honestly rather than the superficial chit-chat of “how are you?” and the American automatic “i’m fine,” because God forbid someone answered honestly they’re having a crappy day. I mean, that would just make everyone uncomfortable. Yet, that’s where true relationships start!

So add some people time in that busy agenda, it will do YOU and others a whole lot of good. Have a great Sunday evening!

Joy is a pure state of bliss, and it’s attained by bringing comfort and relief to other people. Doing so will bring joy to your life every day.-Sylvia Browne

Some cool giveaways:

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  1. August 23, 2009 7:51 pm

    WONDERFUL quote.

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