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Top 10 Things I missed out on by not going to HLS!

August 25, 2009

I have been living vicariously through all the blog recaps of the Healthy Living Summit these past few weeks as I was not one of the lucky attendees and man did it look awesome! I have been following all of the ladies who created the HLS practically since their blogs first started so I really wanted to go, but alas, I guess this was not my year.

That’s okay, they did a great job doing the livestream, and although I was driving to the mountains and couldn’t follow that, I had a great time reading everyone’s constant twitter dings! Nevertheless, this is my list of (all in good gest because I’m sarcastic like that) of what I missed out on and why I’m gong to camp out on the internet sphere so I can definitely get a ticket next year!

In no particular order:

1. THE SWAG! Man alive! Can I just say about all of my favorite things are in there! This is better than Mary Poppin’s purse!

swag bag

2. This could fall under swag, but I have been reading Angela’s blog, Oh She Glow’s for awhile and been dying to try one of her Glo Bar’s. However, rumor has it Sarah from Ghost World already snacked hers and I think Kath will have crumbled her stash on her oatmeal before I make it down to Charlotte again 🙂

glo bar kath 3. The Breakfast Bar! I always have to get up at 4am and eat my breakfast on the run, thus a delicious green monster, but how amazing is this! All my faorite Oikos Greek Yogurt and the long awaited Mix My Granola I’ve been wanting to try plus all the fresh fruit! Even better yet, you get to sit down and visit with tons of bloggies!! HEAVEN!

granola bar kath 4. Meeting the creators that put this thing together! I have been following their blogs for years so it would have been great to meet them in person and get to know more about them! I’ve been able to meet Kath and she is one cool bean, but it would have been spiffy to meet the rest of the lot as well. I mean look how sassy they are in this pict!  They are not just intelligent, but obviously have style!

hls blog ladies kath

5. And not just to say the ladies did all the work, how about that guy Zesty! Man, can he put a blog together, good with words, good with food, does he do it all? I also don’t mind sayin’, he is not too shabby! (Why are all the good one’s taken?) Don’t worry Ms. Zesty, I know he is yours 🙂 We all know I’m single because of my onion and garlic addiction anyway.

zesty kath

6. JP Licks! Banana softserve disappeared from the blogosphere for a few days and all I saw was this JP stuff, it must be great! Note to self, find JP ASAP, XYZ ABCD DEFG!

jp lics kath

7. Meeting all of the other fellow foodies and bloggies out there! I read all your stuff, laugh with you, covet your food skills, I have wanted to meet so many of you in person and how fun to run amuck in Boston!

blog group pict sarah

8.Going running with PEOPLE and seeing if that would actually motivate my lazy bum into going longer. I always have to go alone and get bored. I also want to see everyone’s crazy gadgets, check out their music lists and see just how these skort/running things work and how they can run in them..hmm. I’ve seen my mother’s and in all honesty used to tease her, but I imagine these running one’s must be a bit more high tech than her golf ones. 🙂

blog run meagan

9. LEARNING! I bet all of Saturday’s seminar’s were awesome! My computer is a dinosaur and livestream doesn’t really work so I still haven’t quite gotten the DL on all the seminars other than the recaps, but it sounds like the sessions were very valuable and I love to learn! Yup, I’m a nerd!

10. Fun, parties, and Boston! I was in Boston a few years ago, but it wasn’t really for fun. I loved Boston though and would love to go back. Plus, how fun to go when a bunch of people with similar interests to roam around with are there!

roaming boston kath

Bottom line! I’m definitely going to be there next year, setting my cyber tent up for a ticket as we speak! Great job ladies and gents (all those supportive husbands and Zesty behind the scenes!)

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  1. August 25, 2009 9:28 am

    Cute post Faith 🙂

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