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I should be a brand ambassador for the following…

August 30, 2009

Yes, more random thoughts because I actually got to sleep in this morning and get to go to church later!! HOORAY! As I was preparing some of my eats for the day I was thinking to myself about the things I consistently buy, the products I would tell others about, recommend to my friends/family, and wonder just how much of my paycheck goes to all these sorts each month. I am currently tracking every little expense so I guess we’ll soon see…

Some of these things are a few dollars here and a few dollars there while others are a bit more of a hefty expense such as protein powders by the jug which I have been going through immensely since my smoothie phase started. I am definitely putting Jay Robb and Vega’s family through college as well as any orthodontics that may need to be done  🙂

Daily/Weekly/Monthly FaithinFood Consumerism’s:

1. Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein Powder, sometimes Chocolate pkts


2. VEGA Berry Complete Whole Food OptimizerNavita Natural Products


3. Trader Joes-anything and everything, great place for almond milk when I’m too lazy to make it myself, eggs 99c, greek yogurt, nuts, oh so many TJ loves!

4. RAW CRUNCH BARS!-these are my new found love, raw, crunch, tasty, delicious! (and they’re made locally!)

raw crunch 2

5. PURE Bars-when I don’t want something crunchy, these are right up there with my raw crunch!

pure bar

6. Earthbound Organics-yeah, so I eat XXXXXXXX lbs. of spinach a week, and if I have to get any packaged produce, these are my go to label.

eb organic

7.Navita Natural Products-I am in love with their Chia seeds, Lucuma Powder, Maca Powder, and Acai Power, I use pretty much all of that stuff in my smoothies daily and have noticed significant improvement in how I feel!!


8. Target-I swear, I go in there for one thing, and can’t leave with just one :p

9. Wholepaycheck…aka wholefoods. I have to admit this one, because, there is no  co-op around here that stocks everything I need, thus I am now a very current shopper at Wholefoods. I am a bit torn on this, but hey, they are pretty nice and do carry some pretty good stuff. They’ve actually had some pretty decent sales going on as of late too. In fact, the second week of September they’re giving a free 1/2 gallon of milk w. coupon, too bad I’m lactose intolerant.


10. Hmm…this would be to my local farmers at Farmer’s Markets I suppose as that is where I try to get all of my produce. I would also say Dunkin Doughnuts but I only go there if I have a coupon for free coffee so I guess that doesn’t count :p I also wanted to put up Dave’s Killer Bread because if he had an outlet down here he would be getting a hefty portion of my check in certain! However, right now I’m relying on my drug, bread dealer sister who does live in Seattle and is currently trying to locate some to send to me!!!


So where do you choose to spend your green? Why? Does the company’s ethics or mission statement play any role?

When you’re feeling fear with respect to money, repeat to yourself: “I am strong, I am strength itself.” You will find that your anxiety will be replaced by a new feeling of confidence.-Suze Orman

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