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Sit, Stare, Sleep

September 9, 2009

Sorry, bad bloggie, I’ve been absent for a few days, lost in my own head, isolating myself in my own funk.  I’ve just been darsh gone tired, my mind alive with idea and goals I want to accomplish, but my poor body just isn’t up to all that much right now. It’s all I’ve been able to do to get through work, my daily duties, and then I go home and sleep for about 12 hours and do it all over again, The treatments make me a bit sick and a bit hazy, but I know that when they are finished I’ll feel loads better.

So here is a little of what I’ve been up to:

PICT0565 Still making some delicious, frothy, GREEN MONSTERS of course!!!

PICT0575 Watching the ripest bananas I could find turn rotten on my counter…DAGGERS on no cheap rotten nanners in the blow out bin this week!

PICT0574 Catching up on some reading…all good reading is done while on the “throne”!

PICT0572 And some other good reads I’ve been making my way though…this is probably why its taken me so long to get through one book lately. I think I have ADHD :p

PICT0571I always have to have noise on in the background since I live alone so I’ve been watching a lot of HOUSE! CALIFORNICATION(been infatuated with David D. since high school, and some Good Eats from Food Netowrk). My guys keep me company.

PICT0576 Wish they were here to kill the southern bugs though. GRRRRROOOOSSSSSS!

PICT0567 There has been some light cooking. Such as the roasting of these fresh veggies from the farmers market and what was left over in my fridge. I’ve snacked on these the past few nights with dinner, delicious, and pretty!!!

PICT0580Leftovers has definitely been the theme of the week as I’m stretching that kale and bean salad as far as it can go :p Yeah for being single and eating soup out five nights in a row out of a plastic dish….or depressing 😦 Oh well, that’s why I add cheese!

PICT0578 I also made an attempt at being a responsible adult and work on a budget…epic fail. I think I’m in the negative, and no I don’t have credit cards.


And with all those lofty goals roaming around I’ve been making some pro/con lists, so these have been handy to have!


I love my Sundays when I can walk and get my free DD coffee…and then sadly read “america runs on dunkin’. I look down at my poor, very lonely, very white running shoes that need to be run in. Then I sat on the couch. I really hope my energy comes back soon. Those need some good puddles ran through so they feel happy again.

PICT0581 And by early evening there is definitely this. I have been going to bed by at least 7 in order to get my twelve hours in. If I open the next morning, I will be in bed by 530p or 6. I try to get a few pages of Julia in and often wake up with it on my face in the middle of the night. It’s sad because I want to keep reading but I just can’t keep my eyes open. Lord, please heal me and give me energy soon!!!!

Stand firm in knowing that God has alread prepared a significant life for you that He will faithfully bring into being. –Dr Bruce Wilkinson

Question: What do you do when you want to do so much and there are so many barriers in the way?

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  1. September 9, 2009 7:08 pm

    Glad to see you posting again! Hang in there with the busyness.

  2. maureen permalink
    September 10, 2009 2:41 pm

    Hang in there! I admire all of the efforts you’re making. I’ve got to work on that budget thing myself…yikes.

    Try to keep your focus on the possibilities rather than all of the obstacles. One thing I say to myself is, “You don’t have to wonder what might have been.” In other words, keep trying to take small steps towards where you want to be. You’ll never know what could be unless you put yourself out there. Easier said than done I know.

  3. September 10, 2009 7:42 pm

    thank you wonderful ladies! at least i know some people are reading, i felt guilty about not posting in so long, i had writers block among blockage of many other things : p You guys are AWESOME

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