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Go Co-c0 for Coconut Oil!

September 10, 2009


For a number of years, coconut oil got a bad rap due to it’s high saturated fat content. However, recently more and more research is coming to light that it is actually one of the best oils out there for you to cook with, and use to make yourself beautiful as well!

This post however, will focus on the cooking aspect. Coconut oil is actually made up of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) rather than Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) which are found in things such as meat eggs, and dairy. MCFA metabolize differently and convert to energy rather than being stored as fat.

Coconut oil also has an increased amount of lauric acid, which is an immune boosting nutrient. This same acid is found in breast milk to help babies fight infection. It has also been found to stimulate thyroid function and have other atiseptic properties.

I have been using coconut oil to cook with a lot lately. I like it because it is very versatile in that it has a very long shelf-stable storage life and can be used safely at high temperatures unlike many of the other commonly used oils.

I’ve used it in baking, browning meat, tofu, lightly dusted over sweet potato fries etc. It gives off a sweet smell to your kitchen as well! I’ve never tried it in a fry daddy but if you’re hoping for optimal health, I hope you don’t own a fry daddy 🙂

Just a side note; I’ve really enjoyed using Spectrum’s Coconut Oil so far and for more desserts and fun spreads, check out Artisan’s Coconut Butter line!

coconut 1

Stay tuned for some more Oil 101’s!!

We all get discouraged at times. Just remember that growth is more like a spiral than a straight line. Discouragement is inevitable-and so is rejoicing.

-Anne Wilson Schaef

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