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Kitchen Sink Salads

September 15, 2009

Salads are a wonderful and easy throw together meal to have for lunch in the middle of the day because they can usually keep you pretty satiated, it’s easy to hit all the food groups, they’re crunch and fun to eat, and you can be creative!

I’ve lately been having what I call “kitchen sink” salads where I look at what’s left in my fridge, what leftovers I had, do a tastebud check in, and toss my bowl together. One rule, they always have to be colorful!

PICT0584 This one was a sweet and crunch salad complimented with a bit of tart goat cheese over some mixed greens. I loved the raspberries and cinnamon pecans. I only needed a light balsamic because there was so much else going on, SCRUMPTIOUS!

PICT0586This was the big green blob salad. It had greens, nuts, some left over veggies, blogged with guacamole!! NUMMBERS, i had been missing my guac so I dumped some on, no need for any other dressing here!


Hello 4th of July salad in September! I had a small mix of berries to use up so those went in with some more greens, tomatoes, and rice cheese. A bit of Annie’s light honey mustard and my taste buds were satisfied!

PICT0591  This was definitely left over time, but it came out great! Sprouts, greens, leftover roasted cauliflower, pickles, rice cheese, and a few almonds, I loved this one! I also topped it with some Annie’s honey mustard.

Salads can be quick and fun, no excuse not to pack to work, and not necessarily the need to perfectly cut up your veggies either. You don’t need a recipe, you are the artist! Play around with combos, you might find that something that may sound really weird tastes quite excellent!

**FNF suggestion: I love to save some of my juice pulp to add some salad crunch as well!!

Have a super Tuesday!

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