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Bread and Bars:Review Time!

October 25, 2009
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As part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publishers program, I was sent two loaves of some very nummy Natures Pride Bread to try out. This came right before I found out I most likely can’t eat gluten anymore and right after my Dave’s Killer Bread ran out, so timing was perfect!

The bread was quite tasty. I preferred the 12-grain to the whole wheat. I liked the big size and the fluffy texture, and it made a hearty sandwich. I liked the seeds in the 12-grain that added crunch and chew. The only downside I could find was that it was a little more in calories that a usual bread I would buy, but only slightly, and with a little less fiber. If it was on sale compared to my usual bread though, I would buy it. It also has no HFS or artificial preservatives.



My other power packed package was from VEGA! You all know how much I love them! If it wasn’t for their smoothie powder, I would seriously not be walking right now, so I was very excited to try these bars!

The WHOLEFOOD VIBRANCY BARS will be coming in three flavors: Chocolate Decadence, Green Synergy, and I ate the other flavor before I read the package, so SURPRISE! (DOH!)


I really wanted to like these bars, but they were so-so. I loved the texture, loved the ingredients-they are plant based, and you can pronounce everything, and love the nutrition balance. They balanced my energy and hunger levels and had a great texture (loved the addition of the chia seed.) The flavors were just iffy, and they would have to grow on you, the chocolate didn’t do it for me at all. My friend and I both liked the other two bar though!

Will I be getting more when they come out? Probably. They have more protein than a Larabar more iron, and they really are a nutrient powerhouse.

Thank you VEGA!

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  1. October 26, 2009 8:16 am

    the bigger photos look great!!! 🙂 less like a newspaper, and more like a magazine! 🙂

    i’m glad your back! the halloween party so super fun! have a great holiday!

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