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Budget Black Bean and Rice Burgers

January 13, 2010

If you haven’t caught on to the theme of my meals lately, it’s all about pinching pennies! I soaked a big bag of black beans and have been spreading them through recipes but was really craving a burger so created these rice and bean burgers which are not only incredible healthy, full of fiber and protein, but paired with a few extra veggies, easily hit all of the food groups!

PICT0641 I mixed some rice, black beans, celery, onion, and  a few spices in a small food processor and mashed it to a rather unappetizing mush, nevertheless, they smelled good!


I am a huge panko fan and had some of Ian’s Whole Wheat Panko crumbs lying around. You could have also used flax, but my friend was already worried about the effect of the beans so I just used the panko crumbs.


I toasted them lightly in my well-loved and used pan as you can tell in a bit of Omega-3 Canola oil until they were heated through.


Mmmm…nice and crispy!!!


If you look carefully you can find it under the guacomole and salsa on the bed of lettuce! I love avocado and it was the perfect healthy fat to add to even out the meal since there was nothing else there, so good for you!!! Juicy orange (also found in the bargain bin) and some corn, cheap mexicana done right at home!

Budget Black Bean and Rice Burgers:

  • can of black beans drained, of 1c rinsed, cooked, black beans
  • 1c rice
  • seasonings to taste (garlic, cumin, taco, you choose, be creative)
  • 1/2 c celery and onion
  • 1 egg or just egg white
  • 1c panko crumbs

Blend first five ingredients in a food processor until a big mush. Form into patties. Cover in panko or flax crumbs. Toast in fry pan until heated through. Serve as you wish!

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