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The Doctor is In!

May 12, 2010


Quite awhile ago (i know, bad blogger!) Dr. Kracker sent me a very generous sampling of their amazing crackers. When I say amazing, I do not mean this lightly. It came at the perfect time, when it was still the rainy season and I was eating soups galore. I used to be a huge Ak-Mak fan, but I have now converted after sampling the following flavors:

My favorites out of the bunch were Pumpkin Cheddar and Seeded Spelt. These are very crunch crackers so make sure you have a good jaw, but it also makes them hold up well in soup dippage, packed salads already covered in dressing, and any dips. I ate some alone plain such as the apple and cherry semolina, but they are great at keeping with portion control because my mouth just got plain tired 🙂

The nutrition and ingredients are spot on making it a great grain addition to your snack or meal. The all average about 5g protein and 3g fiver per 100kcal serving which is pretty impressive for a cracker and have all natural ingredients which you can pronounce. It’s wonderful that there is finally a hearty cracker in so many flavors on the market that I can happily nourish my body with. Thank you Dr. Kracker!

Another note, is that they are becoming easier to find. I have seen them not only at Wholefoods but even at my local grocer such as Kroeger in the natural selection. If they seem a little pricey at first, they are well worth it and a package goes a long way, my cupboard will always have a package!

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