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The Lean Mean Green Machine

June 2, 2010

Where God closes a door he opens a window….

That was an affirmation given to me years ago that I tucked away and tried to look at during hard times and boy did I have to pull it out these past few weeks. It’s no secret I have been climbing quite a few personal mountains these past few years, and just when I think I’ve hit a small valley to rest, another storm hits. A few weeks ago I had my 29th birthday, and on that day I came home to a flooded apartment from the torrential thunderstorms we had been having. Two days later, my car bit the dust on the highway and I found out it would cost more to fix it than I paid for it. I threw up my hands, “ok God, what am I supposed to do now? How am I supposed to get to work?” Anyone who lives in North Carolina knows the bus system is a joke, and this Seattle girl became extremely woeful and homesick at this point.

I threw myself a small pity party, but then the perseverance kicked in. I salvaged my car, and started figuring out how to get to work. The top of my gratitude list these past few weeks have been my friends. I have always been very independent, not wanting to ask for help, and this humbled me. They were awesome about helping me get around, even to miscellaneous appointments. (There may have been some cookie bribery involved :p)

A few years ago when I became extremely sick, I had to sell my road bikes to pay for medical expenses. Cycling and triathlons were my life. It ripped my heart out as I watched my beloved racing bike get put in someone else’s car never to be seen again. I had so many memories on that bike, I had ridden from Seattle all the way to Arizona on it, and now it was gone and my body was wasting away. I have become healthier now and been trying for so long to be able to get a bike again…well, this served as the perfect opportunity.

I didn’t have enough money for a car, but I did have just enough for an entry level road bike. Granted, it wasn’t the top caliber racing bike I used to have, but I didn’t care, this would put me back on the road. I present to you my new wheels, the “Lean Mean Green Machine!”

So, that’s where I am most of the time now. I hope to get back to posting some of my eats as I have been cooking up some very fun and tasty recipes as well as trying some awesome products out I’d love to share, but it seems always something is broken and that currently is my camera :p

To Do:

  • Fix Camera/SD error on cell phone to use for camera
  • Not get hit by crazy NC drivers who don’t understand cyclists on the road
  • Keep nourishing my body full of delicious, nutritious food in order to stay healthy and cycling
  • Take one day at a time and find at least a little good in each day if not more!
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  1. maureen permalink
    June 4, 2010 10:01 pm

    Gorgeous bike! Green is my favorite color 🙂

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