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Shake and GO GO GO!!!

June 13, 2010

As you may know from some of my earlier posts, I AM IN LOVE WITH VEGA and think BRENDAN BRAZIER is the higher power of nutrition and fitness information!! Not only is everyone at the Sequel company very friendly and amazing, but every product I have tried from them has made me feel wonderful and Brazier’s books have been easy to read and full of great advice.

I was sent his second book to review quite some time ago, but due to technical difficulties am just getting the review up now. Unlike his first book which focuses on diet, Thrive Fitness gives the reader a great workout plan that can easily be done at home without ever having to go to the gym and is adaptable to many levels. He gives a number of tips, how to keep a training log, and addresses how to get your body to achieve the highest level of vitality (prep and recovery!)  The second portion of the book touches slightly on nutrition and includes a few recipes, most of which can also be found in the Thrive Diet book that focus on the sports drink, energy gels, and bars.  A lot of people tend to overlook strength training (ie. myself because I hate machines) and I liked Brazier’s plan because I don’t even have to touch a machine to do it! All I need is a bench and a couple of handweights or heavy soup cans/jugs 🙂

Enter: the new love of my life. VEGA has done it again and created another awesome smoothie mix. My friends always make fun of me about how much food I carry around with me or how I never pack light on trips, yes, I pack my blender with me when I travel 🙂 However, thanks to this new creation, I won’t have to! VEGA has created a new shake and go mix that actually does mix with milk/water and tastes decent unlike all those other mixes that claim you can mix them with water/milk and they are still chunky and taste like crap. Sequel sent two flavors to try: the Mango Tango and VanillaAlmond. I loved them both! I have to say I wasn’t that excited about the MangoTango, but I blended it with some berries and almond milk after a bike ride on a hot day and it brought me right to the tropics and was very refreshing! Definitely a keeper! The one I really wanted to try was the VanillaAlmond because that’s the flavor profile I am in love with and I have been using it in EVERYTHING. I have had it straight up in almond milk, my green monsters, and my favorite combination is still blending it with frozen peaches, almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon, DELICIOUS! I am just getting back into cycling after being sick for quite some time and will drink one after getting home and my body has been recovering miraculously!

THANK YOU VEGA!!! You have made me yet another happy camper and I will definitely be getting more of this when I run out! Speaking of which…I wish my vibrancy bars would arrive at my grocer soon…doh!

Happy peaches and cream vega’ness after a long hot bike ride!!!! It’s going to be a hot week, hopefully I can get over this bronchial crud, get back on the bike more and there will be many more repeats of this in the future!

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