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Super start: Superfeet Review!

January 15, 2011

After years of having to wear orthodix, and now, along with the rest of the population, unable to get them covered by insurance, I was very thankful to Sarah from  Superfeet when they sent me two pairs of their inserts to review. One was for running shoes, and the other for my cycling shoes.

She first suggested I go get fitted for the correct inserts, as they have various sizes and REI did a great job. Upon receiving, and after numerous snow storms, I finally made it out to Fleet Feet, where they did a personal fitting and slimmed down in my insoles to fit my shoes correctly.  I am now in the process of breaking them in slowly, which I can definitely feel, and can already feel a big difference!  They have very thorough information on their website with a users guide.

I have had many friends use Superfeet, and don’t expect having any problems. So far they feel great and am quite impressed by their customer service, how closely they work with neighboring companies and the amount of information they provide their customers. The price is definitely comparable and worth it, compared to a $400 pair of orthodix. These are a keeper!

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