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Alexia Review

February 10, 2011

First and foremost, the apron rocked! Alexia, as part of the Foodbuzz tastemaker program, were kind enough to send me a coupon to try out one of their products and an apron to cook with, because as most people who know me, I am a very messy girl. I own nothing white…bleach has nothing on me.

Thanks for posing and cooking Mom!!


Due to my lack of technology at the moment, I had to wait until a visit to my parents to share the Alexia experience. We chose the red potato, mushroom, and green bean medley with a thyme infused olive oil sauce that my mom prepared with a roasted chicken. I am still finishing up with some infusions and living off smoothies basically due to the nausea so they enjoyed the feast.

Classic Roasted Herb Chicken with Alexia Roasted Red Potatoes and Portabellas


The dish had great flavor, but was definitely lacking in vegetables (only four green beans in the entire package) however, the abundance of mushrooms made up for it. It was also a dish that I could have easily prepared myself and somewhat pricey for only serving two people. The flavor was great and the fact the simple preparation would be great on one of those “I’m starving and just want to eat nights” without having to chop up a bunch of stuff, though I’m not sure it would be too budget friendly on a regular basis. All in all, it was delicious, paired with the chicken wonderfully, but needs to be beefed up with some more veggies for the price.  Thanks for the opportunity to do the review Alexia!



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