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Cottage Cheese- my love for the wonderful curd!

February 22, 2011

***I have not been paid or given anything for this review-these are my own opinions after years of consuming probably far too much cottage cheese.

For people that know me, will tell you I have a minor, okay, major, cottage cheese obsession. I have taste tested just about everyone out there, like a wine driniker will compare vinatages-I love cottage cheese. I like it all sorts of ways, can finish off one of those econo size containers in about two days, and is usually my main source of protein (terrible I know) but my body just craves the stuff.

I think I ate it with warmed up cinnamon peaches as a snack for about three years straight never deviating. My favorite is to have it with fresh fruit or berries, but I also like it with good ol’ salt and pepper or on salads. I don’t mind putting it in a lasagne, or even with some toast, cinnamon and an apple-it is very versatile.

I realize there is those that can’t stand the texture, and that dry curd stuff, I don’t blame them. Fat free, blech, don’t bother. Despite my previous restrictions I have come to a nice compromise with 2%-it has  a pretty good creaminess and consistency amidst all brands-however, some definitely taste better than others.

If you are lucky enough to live in the part of the country that has Safeway, it is in my opinion they have the BEST tasting cottage cheese: perfect balance between creamy, sweet, and salty. NOT their organic, blech, but the good ol’ 2% container, that of which I go through Lord only knows how many containers a week.  Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because when I went to purchase some cottage cheese stock the other day, they had a new one out by Daisy so being the addict I am I gave it a try.

DISGUSTING. Daisy should stick to sour cream because that’s what it tasted like. I felt like I was eating sour cream with some curds in it, and even though I will never waste food or throw it away, I couldn’t make it past two bites. I was pretty mad because 1) I’m on a tight budget and I shelled out the extra money, and 2) I wasn’t going to walk 2 miles back to the store in the snow, poo.

Other brands that get the hands up are: Darigold, Fred Meyer, Knudsen (can be a bit dry sometimes, but kudos being the first to develop cottage cheese doubles), Albertsons,  Food Lion, and Harris Teeter. You can tell I most often buy the store brands. I’m amazed at how pricey cottage cheese is, I think Safeway should honestly take stock out in me or make me a brand ambassador or something for how much of it I eat.


Cottage cheese is a nutrtitional powerhouse with one cup containing about 28g of protein, a good source of B12.  You’ll get a good percent of the daily recommended omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with cottage cheese too, along with a host of vitamins such as;
– Lycopene
– Vitamin A, C, D, E and K
– B6 and B12
– Thiamin
– Riboflavin
– Folic acid
– Niacin
– Beta Carotene
Cottage cheese is also high in rich minerals including;
– Potassium
– Calcium
– Copper
– Zinc
– Magnesium
– Manganese
– Phosphorus
– Fluoride
– Selenium

The only downer is that it can be high in sodium although I have seen no-salt versions available.

So what is your favorite way to eat cottage cheese? Or, have you become a greek yogurt convert now that it’s so readily available? If so, why?

***Thank you to for the pictures of cottage cheese and making wonderful cottage cheese!!!!!!

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