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Anorexic Journals?

March 4, 2011

Please. Can we not get a break anywhere?After all the snow and a few gray days, Spokane was finally blessed with fairly warm weather and sunshine. I took advantage of the weather to venture downtown, not only to take care of some business I had been putting off, but I still haven’t tired of looking at all the little local shops.

Taking part in the “buy local” movement, I found Auntie Anne’s bookstore which always has a plethora of interesting things be it books, magazines, fun little crafts, and it’s right next to a very fun game store! Rather than just perusing, as I could spend hours in a bookstore, I was actually on a mission to find a new journal and thought that Auntie Anne’s might be the place to find a unique selection.

A quaint selection I did find, until I came upon a series of journals where the cover was made out of newsprint.  In large letters, right on the front page, it clearly stated, “Skinny Is.” I dropped my purse, speechless. I quickly flipped through the rest of the stack expecting to find “Suicide Plans,” “The Things the Voices Tell Me,’ but thankfull it was this one that stood out in particular  Then quickly, anger set in.


poor cell phone pict 😦

February was National Eating Disorders Awareness month.  Eating disorders are the number one killer of all mental illnesses, and probably one of the most understood. Children as young as six are even now developing disorders requiring expensive residential treatment, much due to the messages they hear at home, and the constant need to be skinny, diet, work out, lose weight, etc. from the media. Now don’t get me wrong, there are other psychological and environmental factors, but why, would someone make that the cover of a journal? Even more so, how can a company with values sell it? To me, it was like a book of blank pages for people with eating disorders to put all of their distorted thoughts, goals, and “thinspiration.”

I did ask to speak with the manager who was in charge of ordering the material but couldn’t get past the sales clerk who simply stuttered a “I’m sorry.”  She doesn’t know the friends I’ve lost to the disease, she doesn’t know what it’s like to suffer from it and the stigma that comes with it.I guess it’s back to the big name bookstores for me, I refuse to spend money where they willingly sell more media to degrade women, especially in the form of a journal.  Would we make journals with covers such as, “As I Die From Cancer,” or “Living with AIDS,? Why is it socially acceptable to degrade the mentally ill.

I understand I’ll never get away from it all. Yes, I have to get groceries at stores that have all the ridiculous tabloids and fitness magazines, but I can at least leave a “Operation Beautiful” note on them to remind women they are beautiful just the way they are, not support their subscriptions, and use opportunities such as this to make the public aware of how dreadful and deadly eating disorders are.  I may be one person and one dollar, but if we continue to not support such media together, change can be had.

Also, as it turns out-this product wasn’t local at all. Published in New York, made in India, so much for the attempt to Buy Local.


thanks for the iphone pict caitlin (author of operation beautiful and Healthy Tipping Point)

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