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Sometimes it’s the simple things…

March 6, 2011

that help me through a day, make me smile, and keep me making the lists of gratitude. Sometimes they are more thoughtful, and sometimes they are materialistic. In my search to continue to live a life with perseverance to change, overcome obstacles, and jump over challenges, I’ll take what I can get.  (My apologies for cell phone picts in advance, but making do with what I have.)

Very slowly I am getting my few belongings saved back from North Carolina, and low and behold, what showed up? My juicer!!!

I was ecstatic, immediate busted out some produce, and made myself a delicous cocktail of apples, beets, carrots, celery, and cucumber, oh, how I missed that refreshing beverage!

(It now gets stored on the latest piece of furniture that got in my hands of collage and paint obsession :p )

I am also thankful that I now live in an area where I can get Dave’s Killer Bread at many locations! I am love, and it has actually began so popular that half the time it’s actually sold out! Thank goodness for Costco though, two loaves for a very reasonable price!

And last but definitely not least, VEGA sent me some packets of flavors I have yet to try. VEGA is very hard to find here, so before I fork over the big bucks, I want to make sure I am investing in a flavor I will love. If you have never tried VEGA before, it is amazing stuff. The nutrients, ingredients, everything, will make you and your body feel amazing!! I can’t wait to stick these in my blender!

I have an entire list of other gratitudes, not so materialistic, but these were definitely some highlights of a otherwise very challenging day.

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