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In my dreams…

March 12, 2011

Is it okay to be materialistic sometimes and have a wish list? Over the past years and frequent moves I’ve had to rebuild my life/home so many times, I’ve had to leave behind and give away of lot of things. That, I don’t so much mind, as I know it went to people that needed it. For example, I love to cook and read, but when I moved to North Carolina, I had to give away ALL of my beloved books, and pretty much all of my cooking things that were actually pretty nice. Clothes, eh, give or take, there are always thrift stores, I don’t know the last time I went truly shopping :p I love to window shop though!

In my dreams and wishes…

1) The Vita-Mix…since I currently live on smoothies, I have coveted this for years….it does everything!

2) A laptop-or any working computer for that matter and internet!

3) Lifetime supply of Jay Robb, VEGA, and Almond Milk

4)Hmmm….I should probably get some cottage cheese with that :p and of course Stonyfield Greek Yogurt!

well, preferably honey 🙂



4) my own apartment, with a kitchen i can actually cook in, kitchen supplies, maybe even including spiffy things like a food processor and a bread machine since i can’t seem to get this yeast thing :p



pampered chef can visit anytime!



5) a digital camera so i can keep up with my blog and take spiffy picts of the nummy food i make!

6) hmm..i should probably get a food certificate to at least start this cooking venture, restocking a new place and all those little essentials one does not think about gets expensive!

7) Go back to school, get rid of student loans, and pay off all my medical bills (this is why I don’t just want to win a million dollars….ummm…yeah :p ) Culinary school? Social Worker? Mental Health Advocate? Nurse? Psychologist? Nutritionist? What is my purpose?


8) Go back to triathlons! Maybe I’ll even get my beloved litespeed back, which I had to sell due to my medical costs. I rode that bike from Seattle to Arizona to raise money for cancer, good memories on that bike!

9) A Wii/Wii fit…I have heard about and seen these things and have been dying to try one!!!! I think it would especially motivate me on those snowy rainy days to get off my butt!

10) Trade in my Zach Morris cell phone for one that actually works and does all that cool stuff! One without a horrendous bill each month would be nice too. I don’t know, is it the iphone or android these days??

11) An Amazon certificate would be awesome! A chance to rebuild my collection of books, maybe even join the kindle movement. I frequently use the library here, but sometimes you just want the new release! I love to read magazines too! Yup, I’m the oddball who will stand at the store just reading the magazine.
















12) A craft corner filled with all the things I can be crafty with! I have recently fallen in love with doing eco-crafts! I can do a lot with modge-podge, paint, and glue, but I wonder what I could do with a sewing machine!!


13) I’ve only had two cars in my entire life, depending on where I live, I can be pretty savvy on my bike and by using the bus system. Now I have to admit, at times I do wish I had a car, it certainly would open up more job possibilities, but at this point it’s not a necessity and would definitely cost me a lot more money than I have.  It would be one of those “neat” things to have just in case.

14) Write a book. Everyone always tells me I need to after everything that has happened, but where to start? I just don’t want to be another “memoir” on the shelf….still brainstorming the twist. Any advice, do send my way!

15) Meet Ellen, I think she would teach me how to permanently smile, and maybe even teach me to dance, that would be a challenge :p

16) And now that I look all greedy, a chance to pay it all forward. I have a purpose, I may not know what that is yet, but it will come and I have faith in it. I want to serve, either locally, nationally, internationally, anything. I owe my parents so much, not just monetarily, but want to be here to take care of them if need be. I want to be part of mental health parity change and education to ensure people can continue to get care they need rather than letting those budgets continue to get cut.

Some of my dreams may be silly, but the majority of my dreams are quite personal, and it’s just the matter of figuring out how to get there.  I greet each day with an opportunity, learn from my past, go forward with a decided spirit, and sometimes remember it’s okay to dream like a little girl.


Do you ever dream? Even if it seems trivial?


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  1. Lorrie Hensley permalink
    March 19, 2011 12:57 am

    Yes, I dream. Dreaming is positive thinking in the sleep mode. I dream about past, present and future. Somehow I think this makes the dreams come true. They are a sign in a way to where we need to lead ourselves, whether it be forward, forgive the past, or live your present life with awareness of the past and the future and then create our desires for the future.

    • Faith permalink*
      March 19, 2011 8:32 am

      thanks…too bad that vita mix didn’t fit in my pocket likek that costco guy said :p we both can keep dreaming! im dreaming of cooking in your kitchen again :p

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