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March 23, 2011

If you’ve been following lately, you know that I recently relocated from North Carolina to Spokane, Washington.  I lived in Spokane when I was young, from about five to ten, then moved to Seattle, where I think I will always call home. I’m a city girl at heart, liberal, a bit odd, a cyclist, and Seattle just fits me. Spokane is Washington’s second largest city, it definitely has it’s quirks, tries to get a big city feel, but mixed with it’s country bumpkins. Parts of the city are really beautiful, other parts, well, are interesting.

idaho entrance

Another thing is it’s only about 25miles from the Idaho state line which is a completely new territory. You will actually see motorcyclists ride with their helmets on, then take them off as they cross the state line, I will never understand this. Idaho is an entity unto itself…we’re talking a beautiful resort town of Couer d’Alene, but also a small community that still has compounds and KKK parades. Don’t ask me….I just try to lay low. Also, if you have Idaho plates and are driving in Washington, you better be perfect or you will get pulled over, heck, you will probably get pulled over anyway. Vice versa, if you are in Idaho with Washington plates, you will just get pulled over.

manito park

My favorite memories of Spokane are the beautiful carousel in Riverfront Park, running junior Bloomsday (I might just do the adult Bloomsday this year), which is one of the largest races in the nation, and Manito Park where in the winter we would go sledding, the fall collect leaves and make scarecrows, and the summer enjoy the Japanese gardens. My step-dad found these songs that are hilarious, some a bit crass, if you live here you will appreciate them a bit more, but it’s good to start the day out with some laughter, and it’s good to laugh at ourselves. Even so, I think my heart still lies in Seattle.


And now, for your laughter, viewing, and entertainment, a few songs about Spokane:

Starting off a little light and with some scenery:

And now for some more hard core, make sure you listen to the words, a bit more crass but hilarious:

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